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MISCELLANEOUS … looking back.

1986  ORIGINS. (Robin Wigin; Secretary, 2001)

A preliminary meeting was held in the Royal Coffee House in Stokesley 2.4.86

Members from the Rotary Clubs of Yarm and Stokesley attended. Formation organisers were Norman Blackburn, Wilf Turnbull and Harry Joplin. A letter was written to Arthur Bartley suggesting the formation of a Probus Club in Stokesley. There would be informal meetings every two weeks but no charity work. At the next meeting 28.4.86 in the RCH it was agreed that :

- meetings are held in the NFU Building

- club to meet on the third Monday of each month

- membership by invitation

Norman Blackburn read out a proposed Constitution based on Yarm’s.

Elections followed.

Chairman  - Arthur Bartley

VC             - Les Angus

Secretary   - Dick Povey  

Treasurer   - D.A.Harris

Committee – David Gibbons, John Clark, Fred Curry, Basil Henderson

Each member gave a ‘thumb-nail sketch of themselves.

Sick Members to be visited with a bowl of fruit.

Member obligations are to attend meetings, join visits, pay Subs. on time and help with Committee work when invited


21.11.88   Meeting cancelled due to severe weather conditions


15.01.90   Visitors Book started


16.09.91   The Club took out Public Liability Insurance for £16

??.10.91   60 free copies of a Retirement Guide ordered

18.10.93   The Chairman announced that amplifying equipment and two

                  microphones had been bought for the Club.

                  A.Binns offered to store them.

19.12.95   Decision to order ‘Probus Life’ magazine


24.01.00   Photograph of Members taken in the Temple Room of the Masonic Hall by Alan Crosskill and Arthur                  Baker for the Millennium History and Great Book of Stokesley

17.04.00   P.Fletcher taking over coffee duties from F.Rybka

19.06.00   Chris Stirk takes over coffee duties from P.Fletcher


19.10.01   Social Evening with Opera Nova


17.06.08   £50 donated to STH Management Committee towards £7500 cost of lift. (£30,000 full cost).

08.09.08   Issue of Lady Members raised. Mixed views with some strong Opposition. Unresolved. To be reviewed                 in Oct. Lady Guests to be

                  invited to appropriate Meetings eg March 2009 ‘Silversmiths’.

2008 – 2009 Regular Agenda item – Request for VC Volunteer


17.03.09   Chairman congratulated Don Spenceley on his PhD award from University of Teesside

19.05.09   Chairman welcomed Dick Hawkins as new Committee Member and thanked Chris Stirk for all of his                 ‘refreshment work’.  

08.09.09   AB reported 5mb limit to free website AB offered computer tutorials to Members


19.01.10   Chairman and Sec. attended 2 Mtgs to discuss and arrange a ‘Stokesley Family Funday’. Minutes on                 the Website. To be held

                 Bank Holiday Monday 31.5.10 on the Plain, in the Town Hall, in the Parish Church and the Methodist                  Chapel. Probus asked to sponsor a Bouncey Castle. Collections to be taken at future meetings.

16.02.10  Treasurer reported ‘low funds; reserves of only £300, outgoings to exceed income by £170’. Income                 ideas for discussion; raising Subs., charging for each Mtg., charging for refreshments.

17.08.10   Arthur Baker asked Members to report any errors on the Website. AB compiling email address list   

19.10.10  Arthur Bartley resigned from the STHMC.  Successor requested but not found.


15.02.11   Secretary reported on Probus Minutes; resumed publication in the D&STimes

15.03.11  Minutes in D&STimes


21.02.12   Website updated; Arthur Baker

17.07.12   300th Meeting of Club


15.01.13   Heavy snow reduced attendance

19.02.13   Derek Whiting accepted role of Official Probus Photographer; to inc. Speakers, committee, outside                 events

21.05.13   Jim Gaffney & Jack Humphries from Cleveland Probus Club attended Meeting as Guests

18.06.13   Hearing Loop. Hugh Charman asked that the system be operative for each meeting due to variable                  sound levels. Chairman to resolve.


21.01.14   Millennium Photo and Commentary by Alan Crosskill on Website. Members asked to identify everyone.

18.03.14   Harry Bowes proposed that photographs be taken of all Members to support recognition and                  communication. Decision deferred to AGM

20.05.14   HB photo proposal not supported 6 Members still to be identified on Millennium photo

                 Older Driver Assessment still available for NYCC member residents


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