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SPEAKERS looking back. (1986- 2002)


19.05.86   Harry Jopling, Pluto

16.06.86   Wilf Turnbull, Buildings I Like

21.07.86   George Hansworth, The Interesting Life of an Ordinary Man 1911-1939   

18.08.86   Ted Rose, A Journey to New Zealand

15.09.86   Mr Elliott, Energy and Nuclear Power

20.10.86   The Rt.Rev. Gordon Bates, Why the Bishop of Whitby lives in Stokesley   

17.11.86   Four Members each gave a 15min talk


19.01.87   Len Mackenzie, Yorkshire Dialects and Tales

16.02.87   Ron Inns, The History of the Telephone  

16.03.87   Open meeting for ideas

15.06.87   Mr. J.E.Boynton, Drovers’ Roads

22.07.87   The Very Rev. B.Ormerod, The Health Authority

21.09.87   Mr.R.Lowes, film on The Tees & Hartlepool Port Authority Development

19.10.87   Dr Alan Marchant, The History and Development of Churches in Cleveland


18.01.88   Harry Dawson, The Rhine and the Moselle

15.02.88   Brian Crossling from Bowes Museum, Its History and Contents

21.03.88   Peter Watson, Marketing Director, Teesside Development Corp.

16.05.88   Mr. Charlton of the National Rose Society, Roses

13.06.88   Tom Cress, Footsteps across the Moors

15.08.88   Ian Strong, Yorkshire Rural Community Council

19.09.88   Dr Kenneth Eastham, Road Accident after care


16.01.89   Capt. W.Robinson, Tugs and River Work by the Tees Towing Co.

20.02.89   Edward Chicken, Sen.Div.Off. for Trading Standards; Trading Standards

20.03.89   Miss H. Ord, Dr Barnardos

15.05.89   Wallace Thompson, illustrated talk

17.07.89   Carl Wilmot, History of Northern Music Halls

21.08.89   Sgt Goult, NY Police, Crime Prevention

19.09.89   Mrs Shaw & Miss Sheehan, DHSS, Benefits available to retired persons

16.10.89   Mr Iredale from British Rail


15.01.90   Speaker, The Community Charge

19.02.90   Speaker, Water Supplies to Teesside

19.03.90   Peter McNamara, Community History

21.05.90   Peter Hatch, Life as it was 100 years ago

18.06.90   C. Wilmot, Northern Music Halls

16.07.90   Mr Arnold, Wild Flowers of Yorkshire

20.08.90   Basil Diggle, Gardening

17.09.90   Mr N. Barningham, Sheep Rustlers

02.10.90   lunch

19.11.90   Isabel Arnold, China Revisited


02.01.91   Rev Frank Howard, A Parson down a Pit

20.02.91   Speaker, The Lake District

18.03.91   Stan Burnicle, Choosing your words carefully

20.05.91   Mr.R.Cartwright, North Yorks Moors National Park

17.06.91   Mr.G.Pyle, Royal Air Force Escaping Society

15.07.91   Mr.R.L.Baker, Hartlepool Power Station

16.09.91   Mr.K.Kline, The Falkland Islands

??.10.91   Mr.P.Cash, Guide Dogs for the Blind

18.11.91   Len Sidgwick, The Other Titanic


20.01.92   Mr.L.MacKenzie, North Country Dialects

17.02.92   Ken Smith, Life aboard a Sailing Ship training young people

18.05.92   Det. Constable, The Battle Against Crime

15.06.92   Mr.R.N.Tate, Adventurous School Trips Abroad

20.07.92   Mr.A.J.Bradford, The New National Health Service

17.08.92   Mr.C.Appleyard, Aid to Poland

21.09.92   Arthur Bartley, Member, San Francisco

19.10.92   Mrs.N.Megginson, The anecdotes of the antique dealer

16.11.92   Mr.R.Fisher, Money Management for the Retired


18.01.93   Mr.G.Gibson, The Show must go on

15.02.93   Sidney Empson, Had a Dream

                  Dr.S.Halkett, Whiskey Galore

15.03.93   Mr.A.Pyke, Himalayan Adventure

17.05.93   Tony Devine, Teesside Development Corporation : an Update

21.06.93   Mr.D.R.Morris, Ballooning

19.07.93   Jermyn and Ms Wilkinson, The Body Scanner – 1993

16.08.93   Peter Hogg, A New Hat for the Captain

20.09.93   Alister McLee, Who’s for a Wildlife?

18.10.93   David Bowe MEP, The Work of a Euro MP

15.11.93   Brian Lake, Fire and Ice on the Landscape


17.01.94   Harold Shepherdson, A Lifetime in Football

21.02.94   Ian Scott, Quality Matters

21.03.94   Wilf Turnbull, Pride in our Town

16.05.94   Mike Hardy, Member, The Leeds and Liverpool Canal

20.06.94   Dr.E.Walton, Forensic Pathology

18.07.94   Beryl Caldwell, Travels in Malaysia

15.08.94   Jack Sanderson, A Journey Around the World

19.09.94   John Dixon, The Tees Barrage

17.10.94   H.Hindle, Member, Skools and Scholars

21.11.94   Mr.M.Whyman, Monks, Rogues and Vagabonds


16.01.95   David Bowen French without Tears

10.02.95   Fred Robinson, Two Generations of Road Transport

20.03.95   Stewart McFarlane, His Life Story

15.05.95   Carl Wilmot, On the Fringe

19.06.95   Mark Learmouth, The District Health Council

17.07.95   R.Lazenby, Mr.Lazenby’s Sausages

21.08.95   Arthur Bartley, Member, New Zealand

18.09.95   Brian Owen, Headteacher of Stokesley Sec.Sch., Secondary Education in Schools Today

16.10.95   Mr.A.Craigan, Long Line Fishing 1935-1939

20.11.95   Len Sidgwick, The Men and Women of the Spanish Armada


15.01.96   Harry Hindle, Member, Maldova

19.02.96   Mr.R.J.Wigin, Member, Beekeeping

18.03.96   P.Dix, Member, China

20.05.96   M.Hardy, Member, The Town of Linden in Holland

17.06.96   Brian Lake, The Sky in a Night

15.07.96   Mr.I.Appleyard, Shipping on the Tees

19.08.96   Susan Cass, Community Care

16.09.96   Rev.Keith Parr, Calligraphy

21.10.96   Eddie Rowney, Yorkshire Dry Stone Walling

16.11.96   Eric Lonsbrough, The History of the Motorcycle


27.01.97   Arthur Bartley South Africa

17.02.97   Jim Stafford, Minoan Civilisation

17.03.97   Ian Scott, ???

19.05.97   Carl Wilmot, Gilbert and Sullivan

16.06.97   Simon Goss, The development of the Botanic Centre at Acklam

21.07.97   John Hackney, Twenty Years in the Port Industry (Tees)

18.08.97   John W.,  Waiting at Teesside Airport

15.09.97   Wallace Thompson, Around England

20.10.97, Mike Irvine, Antartica

17.11.97   Mr.W.Arnold, Wild Flowers


19.01.98   Peter Clarkson(Member), The Role of the Honorary Consul for Sweden in Middlesbrough

16.02.98   Charles Megginson, Farming Fifty years ago

16.03.98   Tom Berry, Stokesley, Past and Present

18.05.98   Roger Stott, The North Yorkshire Dales and Millennium Trust

15.06.98   Arthur Bartley, 7000 mile journey by train in the USA

20.07.98   Mr.E.Bunting, Australia

17.08.98   Mr.N.Wech, ex-Soldier, 19th Cent. Battle:Not a Drum was heard

21.09.98   Julian Herbert, Behind the Scenes of the Stockton Museum Service

19.10.98   Barry Heathcote, a tough trip British Steel around the World Race

16.11.98   Alan Batty, Buildings in Leeds and Newcastle


18.01.99   Mr&Mrs Wilson, Butterflies

15.02.99   William Norman, The Luftwaffe over the North

15.03.99   David Simon, Member, Solicitor, Fifty Years of Crime

17.05.99   Mr.M.Warne, the History of the Darlington & Stockton Times

21.06.99   Dr.David Severs, A Stokesley Clockmaker

19.07.99   Carol Cook, Alum Mining

16.08.99   Robin Cook, Local Memorabilia aided by postcards

20.09.99   Mike Amos, Journalism in the North East

18.10.99   Peter Grainger, Wildlife in Camera

15.11.99   Norman Welch, Richard 3rd; Hero or Villain


24.01.00   Alan Wilby, Cleveland Curiosities

21.02.00   Mrs.J.Baker, Teesside archivist, Documents of Old Cleveland

20.03.00   Mr.&Mrs.D.Tyreman, The 1861 Whitby Lifeboat Disaster

                  Fred Dean, An Appreciation of Probus

15.05.00   Dr.G.Stout, Member, Old Stokesley

                  Hilary Wade, Curator, The Future of Dorman Museum

19.06.00   Mr.D.O’Sullivan, the life of James Cook from 8 to 16 years of age

17.07.00   Alan Bruce, being the Training Officer for the Oman Police Force

21.08.00   Mr.P.Grainger, Wildlife in England & Scotland

18.09.00   Lt.A.Linsley,RN, (had moved from The Fleet Air Arm to become a Naval diver), HMS      Association (a sailing ship which sank on a reef in the West Indies)

16.10.00   Peter Hatfield, the Life of Jack Hatfield

20.11.00   Alan Batty, Buildings with a Purpose   


15.01.01   Robin Cook, Old Postcards of Middlesbrough and Stockton

19.02.01   Mr.D.Taylor, James Ford - his Waterways across the N.Y.Moors

19.03.01   Ken Wood, Badgers

21.05.01   Tom Flintoff, Durham County Cricket Groundsman, Preparing Cricket Pitches

18.06.01   David Hill, An Ocean Yacht race around the World in 60 ft boats

15.07.01   Julian Hill, The Dangers of Piloting Micro-Lytes

20.08.01   Heather Atkinson & Sue Allan, Pride in our Town and the Community Care Association

17.09.01   Mr.P.Phylo, Flying out of Marske in WW1

15.10.01   Mike Irwin, ex-Tees Pilot, The Straits of Magellan in relation to competitive exploring by the     Portugese and Spanish navigators

19.11.01   Carol Cook, Yorkshire Immigrants to Nova Scotia


21.01.02   Arthur Bartley, Experiencing the Tingle Factor around the World

18.02.02   Len Sidgwick, The Shetland Bus

18.03.02   Ken Whimster, Being a County Veterinary Surgeon


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