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Minutes of business meeting held at 11.00 on 19/03/19

1. There were 38 Members present and 12 Apologies.

2. The Minutes of the Meeting held on 19th February were Accepted.

3. There were no Matters Arising.

4. Alec Smithson was a new Member but he had sent his apologies.

5. The Chairman said that he would circulate the Club Membership List by email. Hardcopies were available at the Meeting for Members without email.

6. There were 3 Guests at the Meeting: David Burton, the Speakerfinder’s son, Neil Glover a guest of Fred Logie and David Milner introduced by Mike Lawrenson. The Chairman welcomed the last David, who arrived as a Guest and left as a Member.

7. The Treasurer said that the Committee had agreed to recommend to Members at the April AGM an unchanged subscription of £25 for the next year.

The Secretary called for Nominations to the Committee. At the AGM, the Chairman, the Treasurer and the Secretary will all be standing down at the ends of their Terms of Office.

The Website Manager, apologised for any difficulties with the website over the last year. The view of the Meeting was that Stefan has done a terrific job in running it. The Chairman thanked Stefan his efforts and said that the Club Programme Cards would be issued in May following the Committee changes at the AGM. He thanked Stefan for producing new cards with forenames only in larger type. Following a question from a Member, Keith said that Members could use their existing cards if they so wished. He also said that he would investigate the cost of Probus lapel pins. Card holders were available for those who needed one.

The Speaker Finder reported that the Programme for next year was complete, subject only to confirmation of the talk in March 2020.

8. The Chairman said that he would circulate the Calendar of Events to Members by email after the Meeting. Hard copies were available for those without email.

9. The Chairman summarised the roles of Committee Members:

Retiring at the end of term of office and standing down – Keith Waller, Chairman; David Middleton, Treasurer and Peter Robinson, Secretary

Retiring at end of term of office and offering himself for re-election – Derek Whiting, Ordinary Member

Retiring at end of term of office and willing to be reappointed – Maj Chuhan, Auditor

Standing for election as Ordinary Members – Kevin Clifford and Graham Howard

Continuing in Office: Stephan Barnes, Website Manager; Keith Burton, Speaker Finder; John Edwards and Keith Bell, Ordinary Members.

10. Keith said that the status of Trips for 2019 was:

‘The King and I’ at Sunderland Empire on 6th June for which 4 Members and 4 Guests had booked. There were 4 Apologies.

‘Les Miserables’ at Newcastle Royal on 26th September for which 8 Members and 7 Guests had booked with 15 Apologies.

There were a limited number of seats available for anybody who had not yet booked for either of these shows.

The trip to Auckland Castle and Shildon Railway Museum proposed for 31st July would be to the Museum only. Auckland Castle is undergoing major refurbishments at present and will be looked at as a possibility in the future. To go to the Railway Museum only would cost about £25 and would include a welcome cup of coffee and a guided tour. Alwyn Boulby highly recommended the visit and said that there is a lot of history there and about 70 locomotives. Following further interest at the Meeting, 6 Members and 3 Guests had confirmed bookings.

All other trips which had been previously been discussed had now been abandoned because of insufficient interest.

The prizes in the Fun Draw were combined Crossword Puzzles and Jigsaws. They were won by Keith Bell and John Foster.

11. The next Meeting will be the AGM on Tuesday 16th April when Martin Pegan will talk on ‘A town of rampant sin’.

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