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AGMTuesday 16th April 2019


What is a Chairman’s Annual Report all about or supposed to be about?

- A resume of the year

- Reports on how the operations of the Club were monitored

- Highlights key moments

- Affords new Members a flavour of the Club

- Serves as a promotion of the Club to anyone visiting the Website

- Provides an acknowledgement of Members who are directly contributing to the success of the Club

- Offers some direction to the following year

- Affords an opportunity for shareholders to decide on dividends but given that we are a non-profit making enterprise, in effect, this means sacking the Chairman

The right start is with brief thanks to our Committee & Reps.

We held 5 Meetings all with excellent attendance and commitment.

David Middleton: Treasurer & Membership Sec.

David continued his expert management of the Budget always maintaining a healthy balance.  David’s 7 year term ends today (1.4.12 to 16.4.19)

Thank you for all your service David and for keeping me right. Gift.   

Peter Robinson: Secretary

Peter presented very professional Minutes with unparalleled Speaker Reports. He also excellently monitored other issues eg the Constitution & GDPR

Peter steps down today with our thanks for his 5 years of service

15.4.14 – 16.4.19   Thank you Peter   Gift

Stefan Barnes: Website Manager (2013-2023 x5 twice)

Stefan manages the Club Website which is an outstanding source of information. He has resolved numerous technical problems this year, maintained the site and found time, in spite of many outside pressures, to further develop it eg with the Remembrance Section.  Thank you Stefan

Keith Burton: Speaker Finder (2016/17 O.M. 2017-2022 S.F.)

Keith provided yet another interesting and unique programme. The Standards are high for this role being the main attraction for new Members and Keith is doing a great job. Thank you Keith

John Edwards: General Member (2017-2020)

John has continued to contribute incisive ideas into Committee discussion and supported the important refreshment start to the day. Thank you John

Keith Bell: General Member(2015-2021 x2)

Keith continues to add his light touch to Meetings and has also assumed responsibilities for refreshments. Thank you Keith

Derek Whiting: General Member (2013-2019)

Derek continues his invaluable Committee work regularly promoting the Club through his photography and the S&DT. Derek is standing for re-election today for his 3rd term. Thank you Derek

Chris Lee: General Member (2016-2019)

Chris completes his 3-year term as Committee Member today but is standing for the Treasurer and Membership Secretary role.

Chris’ work for the Club is held in high regard. Thank you Chris

Chris ‘still here’ Stirk is an incredible man. He successfully fights adversity continuing to enjoy a full and rich life. He supported Members with cups of tea for 20 years but in July finally accepted that at (102) 94 it was time ‘just to help out a little’.

We were grateful for all of Chris’ work and thanked him last August.  

Thank you again Chris and Keith Bell, John Edwards & Harry Bowes for the excellent   refreshments start to the Meetings.

Walter Gregory: January Man. Members have enjoyed a glass of sherry with a mince pie at every January Meeting for over 20 years thanks to Walter. This is greatly appreciated so long may it continue. Thank you Walter

Maj Chuhan: Auditor (2016-2019)

Maj completed the Audits with great efficacy. He is also very successful recruiting new Members and regularly adds supportive comments in Meetings.

He ends his 3-year term today but is standing for re-Nomination.

Thank you Maj

So, on behalf of Members, ‘thank you’ to all those Members offering support to the management of the Club.


The Speaker Programme was brilliant and remains central to the Club’s success (Keith will Report).  We had:

The Trans-Siberian railway           Capt. Cook’s Cottage

The last Great Battle of WW1       The re-introduction of the Lynx into Kielder

Stokesley: now & then                  The Bomber Boys

Keith Burton: Lest we forget         Cleopatra’s Needle

Stokesley Clockmakers                 Stokesley railway network

& Einstein.

Something for everyone in a diverse and enjoyable programme; impossible to choose a favourite (KB!); attendance and questions were good and appreciated; there were no problems with Speakers and best of all for David, it came in under budget.

Thanks for all the Member Speaker suggestions. Keep them coming in.

The new programme looks just as good especially with Fred Logie listed.

Monthly Meetings 2018-2019 (2017-2018)

The Meetings are the popular heart of the Club providing an opportunity to enjoy refreshments and conversation prior to the Speaker. The average number of Members attending remains at 34 per Meeting. This is an excellent % from the active membership (38+12)

34 /50 = 68%   Full: 34/56 = 60% (Membership constantly changing!)

Ap   May  June  July  Aug  Sept  Oct   Nov  Jan  Feb  Mar   Tot./Avg.

34     33      30      36     33    33     35     43     33   36    33    379/34     2017/18

33     33      29      34     35    30     31     37     38   40    38    378/34     2018/19                 

12     11        8        5     11      8       9       4     13   8      11    100/9       2017/18

12       7        8        6      6     14       9       4     12   8      12     98/9        2018/19

Member Lunches

 (a) Wed. 3.10.18  Lunch and conversation were enjoyed at

The Royal Oak in Great Ayton. 10 Members and 1 Guest attended with 4 apologies

 (b) Wed. 10.4.19  10 Members and 1 Guest attended enjoying the social occasion at the Blacksmith’s Arms in Swainby. There were 5 apologies. Another excellent visit.



There were many suggested Trips throughout the year.

Details are recorded in the Minutes. 10 were declined.

Trips which were supported were:

(a) Wed. 6.6.18 Ryedale Vineyards (SB) & Beningbrough Hall (JE)

      19 Members and 14 Guests attended with 3 Member apols.  

      Everyone enjoyed an excellent day.

(b) Wed. 29.8.18 Whitby (KW), Arncliffe Arms (KW) &

      (Private Lives) Esk Valley Theatre in Glaisdale (MH)

      12 Members and 12 Guests attended with 9 Member apols.

      A thoroughly enjoyable day.

(c) Fri. 30.11.18 York: Goddard House (SB),

     The Treasurer’s House (KW), York Minster (KW:canc.),

     York Christmas Market (KW)

     15 Members and 13 Guests attended with 12 Member apols.

     A diverse and enjoyable day.

Organised for 2019

 (a) Thurs. 6.6.19 The King and I; Sunderland Empire (KW)

4 Members & 4 Guests booked with 4 Member apols.

2 spare places

 (b) Wed. 31.7.19 Nat. Railway Locomotion Museum at Shildon (AB)

8 Members & 8 Guests booked so far. More welcome.

     (c)      Thurs. 26.9.19 Les Miserable; Theatre Royal, Newcastle (KW)

 8 Members & 7 Guests booked with 15 Member apols.

                2 spare places

     (d)      Thurs. 4.7.19 Mount St. John Garden (ML). Pending item

The Christmas  Lunch on Tuesday 11th Dec 2018 at The Wainstones

was another festive success. Thank you David.

27 Members and 24 Guests booked. 59 in 2017

(David will Report)

This occasion is one of the highlights in the Club Calendar.

Website (stokesleyprobus.co.uk) is highly valued thanks to the  

                    expertise of Stefan Barnes (Stefan will Report).

- All Agendas and Minutes are posted on the Website

- Events, Meetings and Venues are posted

- The Remembrance page celebrates lost Members

- Please visit the website and enjoy browsing


Our emailing system is well-used, very effective and complies with GDPR following work by Peter Robinson and myself.

We send out Agendas, Minutes and Information about

Trips, Member Lunches and Christmas.

We receive emails with queries and comments so we are able to keep everyone well-informed very quickly. It’s a very efficient process with 48 Members online. We still retain, of course, verbal communication routes and hardcopies of information for Members.

Membership  (David will Report)

John Upton left last June. David Houston and Mike Brabin resign today.

All for reasons related to health.

We also lost John Foster in June but happily he rejoined in November.

Very sadly we lost David Fordy who passed away on the 6th July and

Mike Sockett who passed away on 4th October.  

We gained 9 new Members

Wilf Elliott in May, Bill Graham in June,

Brian Dinsdale and Kevin Clifford in July,

David Warburton and David Stevenson in October,

Fred Logie and Richard Rose in January

Alec Smithson in February

Overall, an excellent year for membership.

We currently have 56 Members.

Many thanks to the Members who invited Guests to our Meetings.

This is a very successful practice for attracting new Members.

We enjoyed the company of 17 Guest visits through the year so please continue to promote the Club.

Looking  forward …..  

- Peter Robinson and myself completed a Review of the Constitution

  and Ethos for 2019-2020 with many proposals for change.

  The Adopted Constitution will be posted on the Website  (Peter will Report)

- Peter and I have updated the Membership Application Form and the

  Committee Nomination Form. They are available as hardcopies or

  on the website

- Committee Membership has flexibility, is very active and is a major

  item in the Elections to follow.  

- The next two Member Lunches are

  October 2019 details to be confirmed      

  April 2020 details to be confirmed

  Peter Robinson has offered to Organise Member Lunches

- Trip Suggestions for 2020. This needs to be an Agenda item to

  allow discussion on the various issues.   

- David has booked Christmas Lunch for Tues. 10.12.19   

  at The Wainstones Hotel in Great Broughton.

- Keith Burton & Stefan Barnes have produced the 2019/20

  Programme and Cards

- I have emailed the Calendar of Activities for 2019-2020

- Hopefully we will be welcoming more new Members

- So, it will be another excellent year

And finally ….

I would like to thank Committee Members for their advice and guidance for me over the past year. Thank you.

The last word is for you.

The Club remains very healthy offering an enjoyable service

to its membership but let us know if you think of any improvements

which will make the Club even more attractive

Thank you for your support for myself and for the Committee.

Your participation makes a difference.

Thank you.  (Stefan has posted this Report on the website)