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Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held in Stokesley Town Hall on Tuesday 19th April 2016

1. Apologies

There were 40 Members present and 3 apologies. The Chairman sent best wishes to Mike Humphrey who had not been well.

2. Minutes of AGM held on 15th April 2014 were Approved

3. Matters arising – none.

4. There were no Guests at the Meeting, although John Upton had arrived as a Guest, but had already become a Member.

5. Chairman’s Report

Keith started with an acknowledgement of the Committee: David Middleton, Dick Hawkins, Peter Robinson and Stefan Barnes for yet another year all fulfilled their responsibilities with outstanding skill and efficiency. The club was really fortunate to have them.

Our Committee Members, Terry Ratcliffe and Derek Whiting had continued with their attendance and support. Derek is standing for election again but Terry is stepping down so it’s a big ‘thank you’ from the Club with a small token of appreciation. (A Peloton Book.)

Keith Bell joined the Committee in January 2015 and immediately became a major asset; especially replacing Harry Bowes in the kitchen.

Our Support Team of Chris Stirk and Jim Gannon had also provided invaluable service over the past year. Geoff Phillips, unfortunately, had had to step down from his role as Auditor and was presented with a small token of our thanks (Alan Bennett CD). Maj Chuhan was co-opted by the Committee from February to this AGM and had completed the Auditor role for this year. Keith thanked Maj for covering that work.

Keith gave a big ‘thank you’ to Harry Bowes who has stepped down from many years supporting the Club as Committee Member, Membership Secretary and doing refreshments. A mark of appreciation was given to Harry (Highgrove Book).  

The Club had enjoyed another very successful year. The Speaker Programme, once again, was diverse, exceptional and enjoyed by all, thanks to Dick Hawkins. Copious notes were taken by taken by Peter Robinson and posted on the website by Stefan Barnes.

The Monthly Meetings are the popular heart of the Club providing an opportunity to enjoy refreshments and conversation prior to the Speaker. The average number of Members attending had increased from 23 to 34 over the past 4 years. It was 33 this year. This is still an excellent % from the active membership (33/40=85% of the active and 33/49=67% of the total membership).

The Harry Tarran Legacy - Harry had left £2000 to the Club to support Trips and the Christmas Lunch. The Legacy had provided wonderful assistance to Club activities. David Middleton had managed the expenditure on a planned programme of subsidised events running from Sept 2012. All Members had had the opportunity to benefit. David and the Committee had maintained regular reviews of Legacy expenditure and reported balances to the membership. David will give the balance in his Report. Subsidies will end this year.

We had two trips planned for 2015. Unfortunately, the trip to York Grand Opera House was cancelled as the Touring Company stopped the tour because of the heavy production costs. On Wednesday 5th August, there was a visit to The Black Sheep Brewery in Masham and Ripon Cathedral. The guided tours and the Trip were all a great success. 17 Members and 16 Guests attended with 6 apologies.

Christmas Lunch was held on Tuesday 15th Dec 2015 at The Wainstones Hotel, Great Broughton.

63 attended;  34 Members and 29 Guests with 3 Apologies.(59 in 2014). This was another very successful occasion organised by David Middleton (with another Fun Draw by the Chairman).

Member Lunches were held on Wednesday 30th Sept. 2015 when 13 members enjoyed the lunch and conversation at the Dudley Arms in Ingleby Greenhow. On Wednesday 6th April 2016,  13 Members & 2 Guests enjoyed the occasion at Chadwicks in Maltby.  

Membership. Members who had passed away this year were: Arthur Baker and Bill Skinner. 6 Previous Members who also passed away were: Alf Strother, Seymour Halkett, David Helbert, Arthur Greenwell, Arthur Bartley (a Founder Member) and, very recently, John Brierley. Keith read a Eulogy to John. 7 Members had resigned for a variety of reasons: David Hughes, Amara Jayaweera, Trevor Lee, Allan Stockdale, Bob Ashby, Fred Curry and Alan Crosskill.

The Club gained 5 new Members: Malcolm D’Arcy, Maj Chuhan, David Chadwick, Michael Sheffield and John Upton. The Club currently has 49 Members. The turnover of Membership is managed very well indeed. The most successful practice for attracting new members is existing Members inviting colleagues, friends or family members to join the Club and the Chairman requested that Members should continue to promote the Club. Application Forms are on the website or hardcopies can be given out.

Website.           stokesleyprobus.co.uk  Our Website is highly valued thanks to the brilliant efforts of Stefan Barnes. Included are All Agendas, Meetings and Minutes and Events, Dates and Venues. Additional information about our Club and the District is posted, adding interest to the site, together with historical information and photographic support providing life and colour. There are many Links created to provide easy-to-find information and a ‘Contact Us’ Link on the Website. If Members have any ideas for improving the practices and activities of the Club, please let the Committee know. Keith encouraged Members to visit the website and enjoy browsing.

Communication. Keith noted that the emailing system is well-used and very effective. Agendas, Minutes and information about Trips, Member Lunches and Christmas are sent to Members. The Committee receives emails with queries and comments so that the Club is able to keep everyone well-informed very quickly. It’s a very efficient process with 39 Members online. The traditional methods of verbal communication routes and hardcopies of information for Members were, of course still used.

Looking  forward …..  

Peter Robinson led a Review and Update of the Constitution and Club Ethos for 2016.

Committee Membership is healthy

The Club continues to show vitality, offering an enjoyable service to its membership.

The Committee has planned the year with due regard for the cost effectiveness of activities

The next two Member Lunches are Wed. 5th Oct  and  Wed. 5th April 2017; venues to be decided

Proposals for trips have been welcome.  Trips in planning are: (a) Wed. 8th June to the Aston Martin Workshops in Beamish Village followed by a Pub Lunch, (b) Wed. 3rd Aug. to Tennants Auction Rooms in Leyburn and (c) Wed. 30th Nov. for Christmas at Castle Howard

David Middleton has booked Christmas Lunch for Tues. 13th  Dec. 2016 at The Wainstones Hotel in Great Broughton. This will be the fifth consecutive year when David has secured a £16pp cost. Derek Whiting will be taking photographs to produce a record similar to the 1991 Album.

Dick Hawkins’ Speaker Programme for 2016-2017, which is a central focus of our activities, has been distributed  

Keith said that he had emailed the Calendar of Activities for 2016-2017

He looked forward to welcoming more new Members

Thanks to David Middleton the Budget balance is healthy

Excellent Minutes and Speaker Reports are presented by Peter Robinson

The website is an outstanding source of information and continues to develop thanks to Stefan Barnes

Keith will update the “Looking back” folder for the website. He noted that it looks like being another enterprising year.

And finally …. Keith thanked all Members of the Committee for their advice and guidance over the past year. The last word was addressed to the Members. He said ‘Thank you’ for your support for him, for the Committee and for both the specific and general, leadership and management of your Club. The Members’ participation makes the difference.

6. Treasurer & Membership Secretary’s Report

There was a surplus of £207 over the last year. The accounts are self explanatory. The balance of the Tarran Legacy was spent in the current year except for a small residue. The anticipated surplus for the current year is similar to last year. Town Hall costs will remain unaltered.

7. Approval of Income and Expenditure Report

The Income and Expenditure Report was unanimously Approved.

8. Speaker Finder’s AGM Report

Last year’s programme had included several talks about current and historical local enterprises which were both informative and educational. The Club contributed £115 during the year to charities sponsored by 4 of the speakers. In the next year, our contribution will be £100. The balance of the topics for next year’s talks will be similar to last year’s including military history, theatre, sport, travel, local history and heritage. Dick invited suggestions for talks, preferably with contact details, in late autumn when he and his successor will start to arrange the 2017/18 programme.

9.       Website Manager’s Report

Stefan reported that the website had been further developed during the year and had worked well. He invited suggestions for additions or improvements.

10. Secretary’s Report

Peter had updated the Club Constitution and Ethos. The main change proposed to the Constitution was to make the number of Ordinary Committee Members a minimum of three. The principal change to the Ethos was to remove the reference to the Rotary Club. The revised drafts had been circulated and were Approved unanimously.

11. Elections

Peter had received a Nomination for Election from Keith Waller as Chairman. He was unanimously re-elected to serve from 2016 to 2019. Nominations had been received for Ordinary Membership of the Committee from Derek Whiting, Keith Burton and Chris Lee. All were elected unanimously to serve from 2016 to 2019. Maj Chuhan was Appointed by unanimous agreement to act as Auditor from 2016 to 2019.

12. Probus 30th Anniversary

An anniversary cake, arranged by the Chairman, had been photographed by Derek Whiting before the Meeting. It had been enjoyed by Members with a glass of Prosecco. Commemorative pens had been arranged also by Keith and every Member was provided with two.

13. AOB

The Chairman informed the Meeting that, to date, 3 Members had booked for the trip to the Aston Martin Workshops on 8th June. For the trip to Tennants Auction Rooms on 3rd August, 2 Members and 2 Guests had booked, with 2 Apologies. For Christmas at Castle Howard, 7 Members and 7 Guests had booked with 1 Apology.

14. Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 17th May. The speaker will be Alan Curtis on Musical Theatre.

Approved by   ……………………..………Chairman   Date……………………..