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Minutes of the 322nd business meeting held at 10.00 in Stokesley Town Hall on Tuesday 5th July 2014

1. There were 35 members present and 10 apologies.

2. The minutes of the last meeting held on 17th June were accepted as a true record.

3. There was one matters arising from the Minutes. The number of apologies should have been 17 and not 16.

4. There were no guests at this month’s meeting.

5. Committee reports: The Treasurer and Secretary had nothing to report. Stefan Barnes had made his apologies but the chairman reported on his behalf that he had added a ‘Home’ button to each page on the website as had been requested. Dick Hawkins suggested that members might consider being standby speakers. It had happened that visiting speakers had been forced to cancel their talks at short notice and it would be helpful if the speaker finder had one or two permanent reserves.

6. There had been no changes in membership in the last month. Trevor Lee is moving to Wolsingham, but he will remain a member.

Keith informed members that the costs of hiring Stokesley Town Hall had been reduced by holding fewer committee meetings. This should have saved the club £249 per year. The clerk to the Town Hall committee has however imposed a discretionary charge of £10 per meeting. We do not consider that there is any justification for this, but we have not been able to get this withdrawn yet. The matter will be considered at the committee meeting on 19th August.

Chris Stirk has recovered after a spell in hospital and was congratulated by Keith on his forthcoming 90th birthday on Tuesday 22nd July.

Norris Wilson had spent a week in James Cook Hospital, but the doctors could find nothing wrong.

Derek Whiting has drafted a note for the Stokesley Loop (an Email alert system for local information) encouraging new members.

Mike Lawrenson had suggested a visit to the Aston Martin Workshops. They are close to but quite separate from the Beamish Museum. The cost for a group visit to Beamish is currently £10.50 in the summer months and £6.50 in the winter. Peter Robinson had suggested a visit to the Durham Cricket Ground for a One Day International or a trip to watch the Newcastle Falcons play rugby. The cricket would probably be too expensive. All suggestions will be considered early next year.

Peter Robinson will be a married man at next month’s meeting. He was given a card and a present of a bottle of wine.

Some members have difficulty in hearing the speakers. Keith will investigate the reason for this and try to improve the effectiveness of the sound system.

David Bryson won a raffle prize of a book on World War 1. Peter Robinson won a book on World War 2.

The next meeting will be on 19th August when Ted and Sue Parker will talk on Travels in China –Part 2.

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