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Minutes of business meeting held at 11.00 on 20/05/14

There were 36 members attending with 8 apologies.

The minutes of the AGM will be considered at the next AGM on 21st April 2015.

The minutes of the March meeting were accepted as a true record.

There was no support for the proposal to take photographs of all members and this was dropped. The photograph of the new committee will be posted on the website when the site is recommissioned.

Progress has been made in identifying unknown faces on the Millenium photograph, but there are still 16 people remaining to be identified. The committee will be pleased for any help in putting names to these faces.

The treasurer reported that there were still 8 outstanding subscriptions. The visit to Eden Camp had been very successful. After a subsidy, there is slightly over £300 remaining in the legacy fund.

Neither the secretary nor the speaker-finder had anything to report.

Stefan Barnes was not at the meeting, but the chairman reported that he is making progress with the new website. More than 100 pages of 200 have been uploaded and Stefan hopes that the website will be in operation by the next meeting.

The chairman reported that the Eden Camp trip had been very successful. 11 members and 7 guests had gone on the visit.

It is helpful if members can send apologies for trips in advance. This allows the chairman and treasurer to plan the most suitable arrangements to minimise costs.

For the planned trip to Top Hat in September, while the travel arrangements can be made nearer the time, the club has to commit to a final number of seats within the next 3 weeks. We have reserved 35 seats but to date only 9 members have confirmed that they will go, and 10 have sent apologies. Please let the chairman know if you wish to go or not as soon as possible.

A trip to Saltaire has been proposed for 2015. This will be discussed at the beginning of next year.

The older drivers refresher course run by North Yorkshire County Council is still available free of charge to residents of the county.

Stokesley Town Hall has a new brochure. 3000 copies have been distributed to local residents. The Town Hall has a new steward, Bill. He has increased responsibilities compared with his caretaker predecessor.

Terry Wilkinson has resigned. He had been semi retired, but following an upturn in his theatre business, he has now resumed full time employment.

There was no Other Business.

The next meeting will be at 10.00 on 17 June 2014.

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