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1.  Title.

The Club shall be known as the Stokesley and District Probus Club and be based at Stokesley Town Hall.

2.  Purpose

The purpose of the Club is to provide Meetings for those who would value the opportunity to enjoy increased social contacts with other Members.  

This will be achieved by:

- establishing a simple Management structure

- having no constraints such as an Attendance Rule

- operating at minimum cost

- holding monthly Meetings with Speakers and refreshments

- organising two Lunches per year for Members

- holding a Christmas Lunch for Members and Guests

- organising two visits per year to places of interest for Members and Guests

- distributing a Programme of Meetings to Members

- circulating a Calendar of Club activities

- maintaining a Website with detailed information

3.  Membership.

(a) Membership is open to all men.  

(b) Each candidate for membership shall be Proposed and Seconded by an existing Member. All proposals shall be submitted on the Membership Application Form. The Committee shall be responsible for approving applications. Membership, or membership renewal, may be refused at the absolute discretion of the Committee.

(c) A list of the membership including addresses & telephone numbers shall be circulated to Members annually by email, or on request, provided as a paper copy. In order to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation, the list can only include members who have consented to their details being kept on the list. Members who do not explicitly consent cannot receive communications from the Club. The membership list is used for internal Club purposes only and is not made available to any third party.

(d) Compliance with these rules is a condition of membership.

4.  Committee

(a) The affairs of the Club shall be managed by a Committee consisting of the following: Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer & Membership Officer, Website Manager, Speaker Finder and a minimum of three General Members. Elections to the Committee shall be held at Annual General Meetings. Newly elected and re-elected Committee Members shall take office immediately. The Committee has the power to Co-opt additional Members during the year. The tenure of any Co-opted Member is limited to the following AGM.

(b) The Retiring Chairman shall automatically be an ex officio Member for one year.

(c) The Chairman & General Members of the Committee shall normally serve for three years and Office-holding Members of the Committee for five years.

(d) A minimum of four Members of the Committee shall form a Quorum. Decisions will be made by a simple majority. In the event of a tie, the Chairman shall have a second casting vote.

The Secretary shall call for nominations for Committee Members at Meetings prior to the AGM.

Nomination forms may be obtained from the website or from the Secretary.

Nominations shall be Proposed and Seconded by any Members of the club.

Nomination forms shall be submitted prior to the AGM to the Secretary who shall conduct the election.  

If any Committee Member retires or becomes unavailable during his Term of Office, the Secretary, or if the Secretary retires or becomes unavailable, the Chairman, shall call for Nominations. Appointments shall be confirmed at an Extraordinary General Meeting.

In the event that no Nominations are received, the Chairman will consult with the Committee to Co-opt a replacement. A Quorum is required to approve a Co-option.

Any Co-opted Committee Member may be Nominated as a new Member of the Committee at the following AGM. Subject to Appointment, his Term of Office shall start from the AGM.

5.  Meetings.

(a) The Club shall meet on the third Tuesday of each month, except that the September Meeting will be held on the second Tuesday due to the closure of the Town Hall in Stokesley Fair Week.

(b) An Annual General Meeting, for which 21 days notice must be given, shall be held in April of each year.  

(c) The Secretary shall call an Extraordinary General Meeting at the request of the Committee, or on the written request of no less than ten Members giving not less than 21 days notice of such a Meeting, stating only the business to be transacted.

(d) Voting at all Meetings shall be by a show of hands or ballot at the discretion of the Chairman. Approval at a General Meeting shall be by simple majority of Members present.

In the event of an equal division the Chairman shall have a second and casting vote.

(e) A quorum at the Annual General Meeting or an EGM shall be one third of the membership of the Club.

6.  Renewal of Subscriptions.

All candidates for membership shall pay an annual subscription for renewal of membership that shall be determined at the Annual General Meeting.   Those joining part-way through a year shall pay pro-rata. Members shall be responsible for the payment of their subscription to the Treasurer by the 30th April each year.   Members who fail to renew their annual membership within 3 months without good reason (for example: illness; family illness; bereavement, etc.) shall be deemed to have resigned from the club.

 7. Financial.

(a) The Treasurer shall maintain such accounts as are necessary to ensure that the financial records of the Club are accurately maintained.

All income and expenditure accounts for the period ending March 31st each year shall be prepared and presented by the Treasurer after an audit by an Auditor appointed at an AGM to serve for 3 years.  If, for any reason, no approved Auditor is available, a Committee of Members shall be appointed at an Extraordinary General Meeting to conduct the Audit for that year only.

In the event of the Auditor retiring or becoming unavailable, the Chairman will consult with the Committee to Co-opt a replacement. If a Committee Quorum is in agreement, the Chairman shall have the Authority to Co-opt a Member of the Club to the vacant position until the following AGM.

(b) The Treasurer shall use a bank account approved by the Committee for the finances of the Club.

(c) All cheques for payment on behalf of the Club shall be signed by the Treasurer. The Treasurer may also make payments from  the account using the internet. The Chairman and the Treasurer shall have debit cards. The other Committee Members will have access to view the account.

(d) Regular expenditure will cover Fun Draw, Christmas Draw, Members Lunches, Trips, Retiring Committee Members, Gratuities and such other items as may be approved by the Committee. Committee Members will produce figures of their expenditure for Acceptance by the Treasurer and the Club Auditor. Regular expenditure will be limited to a maximum of £240 per year. This figure will be reviewed annually by the Committee, before being recommended to Members for their Approval at the AGM.

The Club is a non-profit making organization.  All Club Funds shall be devoted to achieving the Purpose of the Club.

8. Dissolution.

In the event of the Dissolution of the Club any outstanding funds, assets or debts shall be dealt with as agreed by Members at an Extraordinary General Meeting.

9. Safety.

All Members shall take care of themselves and for the safety of others at all Meetings and events of the Club.  Members are reminded that it is their personal responsibility to decide on the level of their capability and whether they should participate in each of the Club activities.

10. General.

Any matters not covered by these Rules shall be dealt with by the Committee whose decision will be Final.

11. Alteration of Rules.

The Club Rules may only be altered by a majority agreement at a properly constituted Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting of the Club. Every Proposal for an alteration shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary not less than 21 days before any such Meeting.


(Formed 31 January 2019)

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