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18.05.04   Graham Aldous,  Nell the Sheepdog’s Curious Yorkshire

15.06.04   Tony Hillman, North East Films

20.07.04   Michael Brown, Ex-Police

17.08.04   Hugh Miles, Hunting Charley

07.09.04   Doug Duggleby, Old Fashioned Drug Pusher

19.10.04   John Arthur, Steel

16.11.04   David Morris Hot Air Balloon


18.01.05   Duncan Kerr, 10 Years in Provence

15.02.05   Bruce Hogg, Heraldry

15.03.05   Robin Cook, More Old Pictures

17.05.06   Stuart Bean, Badgers

21.06.95   Mike Irving, Islands to Remember

19.07.05   Doug Duggleby, My Army Life

16.08.05   Tony Linn, Valley Gardens

20.09.05   Bill Fothergill, Sutcliffe’s Whitby

18.10.05   Richard Preston, Preston’s of Potto



17.01.06   Gerry Caulfield, SSAFA

21.02.06   Ken Burns, Heraldry

21.03.06   Plym Auty, Travel Tales

16.05.06   Jack Youdale,  Universe About Us

20.06.06   Bryan Glover, Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge

18.07.06   Maureen Thompson, Teesside Hospice

15.08.06   Martin Pottinger, The World’s Biggest Family: The Fire Service

12.09.06   Nat Smith, Whither the Voluntary Sector?

17.10.06   Alan Hurd, Old Edinburgh

21.11.96   Steve Brady, Port Manager, Transport 2006


16.01.07   Peter Cook,Editor, Now and Then

20.02.07   Dove Worton, Paris!

20.03.07   Plym Auty, Great North Air Ambulance

15.05.07   Bill Fothergill, Old Loftus and District

19.06.07   Les Cheyne, Fighting Ships of the World

17.07.07   Peter Hogg, A New Hat for the Captain

21.08.07   Bill Ramsdale, The Oil Industry

11.09.07   Major Bob Jones, 40 Years in the Army

16.10.07   Richard Nunn, Police Films

29.11.07   Dr Graham Mitchell, Cambridge University


08.01.08   Nick Dolan, Property Manager for the National Trust at Ormesby Hall

19.02.08   Mike Irvine, Tees Pilot, From Long Beach, California to Sydney  

18.03.08   Peter Barron, Editor of the Northern Echo, Experiences as Reporter and Editor

20.05.08   Beth Andrews, River Tees Natural Heritage Officer of the Wild Life Trust, Change and Development on the River Tees

17.06.08   Doug Worton, Captain Cook Pt 2

15.07.08   Paul Walker, The Times Amateur Speaker of the year 1997, currently Chaplain at St Lukes Hosp.

There are no answers

18.08.08   Dr Dennis Goldring, Geology and Industry of the NY Coast

08.09.08   Fred and Cyril Hay, History of the Gramophone 1877 to 1977

20.10.08   Judy Kitching and Margaret Brabin(Wife of Member Mike Brabin), from the Hutton  Rudby Local History Society,The History of HR

18.11.08   Sheila Hamilton, York and the Minster


20.01.09   Ian Goodman & Sheila Morton; Life as a Magistrate

17.02.09  John O’Neil (Chairman at Helmsley Probus), Cecil John Rhodes & Diamonds                  

17.03.09   Leslie and Vivienne Howe, Silver Smithing   

19.05.09  Tony Eaton, Sunters; High, Wide and Mighty

16.06.09   Dawn Webster, Kiplin Hall

21.07.09   Col. David Black, A Soldier Remembers

18.08.09   Jason Lloyd, Stokesley PCSO, A Safer Neighbourhood - it's not just down to the Police

08.09.09   Dianne Sinnot of Tennants in Leyburn, Auctioneers and Decorative Arts 1860 to present day

20.10.09   Malcolm Bisby, Rosedale Railway and Associated Iron Works

17.11.09   Emma Birnie, RSPB Centre at Saltholme


19.01.10   Colin Worswick, Anglican Chaplain, Mission to Seafarers : Tees Dock

16.02.10   Shirley Marshall, Principal Lecturer in Forensic Science and Crime Scene Science at the Uni. of Teesside; Scientific Investigation of Murder

16.03.10   Gordon Hetherington, retired Solicitor; Author and regular contributor to Now & Then, Gertrude Bell

18.05.10   David(Member) & Maureen Houston, Summer in the Austrian Alps

15.06.10   Mark Hardy, P.D. Transport Police, Harbour Policing and Personal Awareness

20.07.10   Don Spenceley, Member, Roses and their Propagation

17.08.10   Peter Chandler, The Chemistry of Wine Tasting with Demonstration

21.09.10   Dr. Hugh Charman (Member), The History of Stokesley

19.10.10   Geoff Taylor, Picking up the Pile

16.11.10   Terry Ratcliffe, Thomas Telford : Master Engineer


18.01.11   Canon David Lickess, Changes in the Anglican Church in the last half century

15.02.11   Andrew Merrifield, The Future for Nuclear Power

15.03.11   Dr Tom Hay, Some Unusual Applications of Water

17.05.11   Chris Scaife, Robert Thompson : Mouseman of Kilburn

21.06.11   Peter Robinson, A Life in Engineering : Tees Viaduct to Saudi Arabia and Back

19.07.11   Peter Southeran, Battling Aids in Kenya

16.08.11   Iain Hindmarsh, A Journalist Remembers

20.09.11   Helen Jones, Blue Poppies and Bed Tea

18.10.11   Dr Hugh Charman (Member), The History of Stokesley Pt2

15.11.11   Chris Richardson, Atlantic Sailor


17.01.12   Canon David Lickess, The Art of Venice and Padua

21.02.12   Jerry Drewett, The work of the Harbour Master

20.03.12   Steve Lane, The Hurdy, Gurdy Man

15.05.12   Peter Hale, Climate Change : where are we now?

19.06.12   George Carter, A Naval Officer’s Career

17.07.12   Peter Sotheran, Sir William Turner and his Alms Houses  

21.08.12  Gemma Lewis, Behind the Scenes at Preston Hall

18.09.12   Alan Richardson, Ironstone Mining at Skinningrove

16.10.12   Gordon Henderson, Roman Medicine

20.11.12   Dr Joan Heggie, From Teesside Steel to Rural Yorkshire – the Life and Art of Viva Talbot  


15.01.13   Cameron Smith, The Husthwaite Project.

19.02.13   Neville Tate, Three Men in a Plane to Australia.

19.03.13   David & Maureen Houston, Vietnam & Cambodia.

21.05.13   Ian Pearce, Easby Moor Plane Crash

18.06.13   Robin Cook, Local History through early Postcards.

16.07.13   Norman Moorsom, The Pre-Industrial History of Middlesbrough

20.08.13   Bryan Sandford, The Fires of York Minster

10.09.13   Steve Frost, Origins of the Modern Motor Car  

15.10.13   David Sills,  NYMR  

19.11.13   David Taylor, Industrial Heritage of Gt Ayton


21.01.14   Ted Parker, Travels in China Pt1

18.02.14   David & Maureen Houston, South Africa

18.03.14   Kevin Pratt, Older Driver Refresher  

20.05.14   George Barker, Carthorses to Computers

17.06.14   Phil Burton, Ormesby Hall and the Pennyman Family

15.07.14   Keith Burton, Stokesley People in the Great War

19.08.14   Ted & Sue Parker, Travels in China Pt2

09.09.14   John Reeve, Together we Succeeded; Waterways in N. England

21.10.14   Dr. Richard Parkin, Mountain Medicine of Nepal

18.11.14   Edward Bunting, Lake District Contrasts

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