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MEMBERSHIP issues… looking back.


21.07.86   John Clark left the Club to work in the Sudan for VSO  JC replaced on the Committee                  by Arnold Taylor)

1988         Membership 50 listed 13.06.88   Wilf Turnbull offered Honorary membership


16.01.89   Brian Aston to look after Attendance Book

17.04.89   Mr Angus wished to retire; offered Honorary Membership


19.03.90   Members asked to wear Probus Lapel badges provided by the Club

23.04.90   Mr D.A.H.Harris given Honorary Membership


20.02.91   John Clark resigned from the Club

15.04.91   E. Brooke S. Smith

13.04.92    Membership  63 listed

19.07.93    Membership  70 listed;  Club full

17.04.95    Membership  75 listed

1998           Membership  69 listed plus 4 Honorary

23.04.01    Membership   70 listed plus 3 Honorary

21.05.01    D.Gibbons made an Honorary Member


08.01.08   Member apologies not to be listed. Members asked to sign in Attendance Register

19.02.08   Arthur Greenwell

20.05.08   New membership list circ. Members urged to invite new members

17.06.08   40 paid up Members plus 3 Honorary. 66 Members recorded

15.07.08   Dick Hawkins

18.08.08   66 Members. 40+paid with Hon. Membs. Treasurer apol.; Chairman to receive                  outstanding Subs.   

08.09.08   Don Spenceley application approved, John Corner (Guest), ‘Defaulters’ asked to pay Subs.

                  (Peter Scholes distributed ‘Flyer’ to recruit new members)                  

                  Admission of Lady Members discussed. Divided opinions with some  strong                   opposition

20.10.08   David Middleton

                  Members to give email addresses to Peter Scholes, Members asked to invite new Members along       

18.11.08   Don Spenceley, Brian Nicholls


20.01.09   Geoffrey Lofthouse and William Nelson

17.02.09   Geoffrey Phillips

23.04.09   Mr.D.Harris given Honorary membership

19.05.09   Dan Humphrey, Membership – 66. Members not wishing to remain as Members asked

                 to resign rather than not attend or pay subs. Members asked to pay Subs promptly.

21.07.09  40 Members paid; 23 outstanding. Members reminded of automatic termination for                 non-payment,  Trevor Lee  

08.09.09  10 Subs still outstanding

20.10.09  New Members to receive Probus Badge from David Houston

17.11.09  David Houston reported 53 Members and 5 Hon Members, Bill Skinner, Ian Jones and                Keith Waller attended as Guests  


19.01.10  David Houston presented new membership list.  Keith Waller, Fred Curry, Past                 Chairman, 90 shortly, given Honorary Membership.  Agreed unanimously.

16.02.10  Treasurer reported low funds. Reserve about £300. Outgoings will exceed £170.                 Proposal to raise Subs., or add charge per mtg., or charge for coffee

17.05.11  John Richardson

15.06.10  Prof. Ian Jones

20.07.10  Garry Turner


18.01.11   John Rider

15.02.11   Alan Crosskill resigned due to pressures from other commitments, Chairman asked for                  Volunteers to stand for Comm. Membership and to support coffee roster

17.05.11   John Richardson       

21.06.11   Reminder to wear Name Badges, Request for Volunteers to serve on Committee

                  Treasurer report : 22 Paid Subs; 28 outstanding,  Arthur Baker added Memb. App.                   Fm. to website

19.07.11   David Fordy (Received Probus lapel pin), John Kirkpatrick (Pin at next Mtg.)

                  Mike Lawrenson (Pin at next Mtg.), Arthur Baker Guest : Brian Evans (decided not to join)

16.08.11   15 Subs not paid. Membership down to 35

20.09.11   New Badges available

15.11.11   Stefan Barnes attended as a Guest


17.01.12   Stefan Barnes, Membership list circulated

21.02.12   52 names on list with 4 Hon Members.  Some uncertainty that all Members were still                 paid up and active

20.03.12   Terry Ratcliffe - joined

17.07.12   Terry Ratcliffe – first visit

21.08.12   Jeffrey Richardson, Guests : John Crocker, Jeff Bamlett, Bill Bradbury

16.10.12   John Crocker, Guest, Jim King  

20.11.12   Jeff Bamlett, David Bryson, Guests - Derek Whiting, Jim King


19.02.13   Derek Whiting, Jim King,  Guests – Bill Bradley, Terry Wilkinson, Richard Adams,                 Amara Jayaweera, Ron Marshall

19.03.13   David Bryson, Bill Bradley,Guests – Nigel Lister, David Storry, Alwyn Boulby

16.04.13   David Helbert resigned–illness and move to Leeds, Bill Bradley resigned – moved to                  Maidenhead

                  Terry Wilkinson resigned – full-time work with own Theatre Co.

21.05.13   Dr. Amara Jayaweera

18.06.13   Guests – Alan Crosskill, Colin Hinton, Chris Lee

16.07.13   Alan Crosskill – rejoined Club, David Helbert resigned from the Club due to ill-health                  and moving to Leeds. He declined the return of his Club Sub.

19.11.13   Colin Hinton, Chris Lee,Guests – Malcolm Reynolds, Peter Robinson


21.01.14   Chris Lee, Peter Robinson, Guest – Jack Candlin

15.04.14   Jack Candlin

17.06.14   John Crocker resigned – alternative commitments, Arthur Greenwell resigned

                  Peter Scholes resigned – illness,49 paying Members plus 4 Hons.

                  Chris Stirk and Derek Whiting won fun draw.

15.07.14   Chris Stirk welcomed back from hospital illness and congratulated on becoming 90 22nd July

                  Norris Wilson welcomed back after hospital visit ‘couldn’t find anything wrong’ !!!

                  Derek Whiting reported placing an advert for new Probus Members

                  on the Stokesley Loop (local on-line data system).

                  KW presented Peter Robinson with a Card and a bottle of wine to mark his                   forthcoming marriage.

                  David Bryson and Peter Robinson won fun draw.

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