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COMMITTEE issues … looking back. (2)

17.05.11   Meeting Chaired by Keith Waller

                  (elected as VC 19.4.11 – no Chairman elected at AGM following esignation of Don Spenceley).

                  Mervin Davies proposed KW be appointed as Chairman.

                  Carried unanimously.    

                  KW thanked Dick Hawkins for his year as Chairman, Duncan Kerr as Speaker Finder and

                  Don Spenceley for his Committee work.

                 Request for Volunteers to fill posts of VC, SF and Comm. Members.

                 Treasurer : reminder that Sub agreed at AGM at £20

                 Next Speaker Prog. Completed. New SF not an urgent issue

                 Arthur Baker asked Members to check email list.

                 Request from Harry Bowes for Members to wear Probus Name

                 Badges. AB to prepare Badges for New Members.

                 Membership : Proposal from Comm to Members at next General

                 Meeting : to change Constitution to read ‘Membership, Honorary Membership and renewal of                  Membership may be granted or refused

                 at the absolute discretion of the Comm. without stating reasons’.

                 (One purpose was that granting H.M. should be discontinued)  

21.06.11  Members informed that the Speaker for 2.2.12 ‘Pottery Crafts with Practical’ booked by

                 Don Spenceley had been cancelled as too

                 Expensive. Replaced by ‘Harbour Master of Teesport’.

                 Details of ‘Home Exchange’ with Probus Members in Australia on the Website.         

                 Chairman reminded Members that AB was producing new Name Badges and encouraged                  Members to wear them.

                 Treasurer reported that 20 Subs still outstanding.

                 Dick Hawkins to cover role of Speaker Finder

                 Constitution copied to all Comm. Members

                 Arthur Baker to upload Minutes to website  

19.07.11  AB produces Name Badges; David Houston supplies plastic wallets.

                 Dick Hawkins to take-over SF role

                 David Middleton offered to stand for Treasurer at AGM in 2012

                 KW informed the Comm that he had written a letter of condolence to Peter Scholes on the sad                  loss of his wife, Margaret

16.08.11  Dick Hawkins volunteered to change from ‘temporary’ to ‘permanent’ as Speaker Finder.

                 Accepted unanimously.

                 David Middleton to be Co-opted to Committee.

                 Treasurer reported 15 Members still to pay Subs. and Membership down to 35 Members.

                  Subs increase to £20 keeps the Club viable  

20.09.11  Chairman thanked the Committee Members for their hard work for Probus.  

                  AB distributed New Name Badges  

                 Treasurer reported £600 balance. Expected end of year £300.

                 11 not paid

15.11.11   Treasurer reported reserves good. Recommend no increase to Subs at  AGM. 43 paid.

17.01.12   Treasurer reported 6 not paid Subs.

                  Constitution updating to allow for fewer Members. Draft wording agreed to present to Members.

                  Planning for Walter Gregory retiring as Treasurer and Nomination of

                  David Middleton; eg Bank Mandates

                  Nominations required for Chairman and VC  

21.02.12   Treasurer predicted small loss for the year £29

                  Re-wording for Constitution agreed

                  Speakers fees reduced for next prog.

                  Current: Comm Members appointed ‘en bloc’ at each AGM

                  Proposal: Office-holding Members to serve for 5 years with staggered replacements to help                   continuity

20.03.12   Treasurer presented Annual Report (not able to attend AGM).

                  Deficit for year-£9.73. Next year-£30 surplus due to lower Speaker Fees. Town Hall charges-no                   change(50% of Subs.)

                  Alan Marchant to stand again as Auditor.

                  Walter retired today as Treasurer after 16 years. Chairman led a vote

                  of thanks and presented a bottle of wine.

                  5-year tenure for Officers agreed (Sec.,Treas.,SF.,Website,Members)

                  David Houston to retire as Membership Sec at AGM in 2013

                  New Nomination Forms produced  

15.05.12   Treasurer reported 32 paid Subs.

                 Club had received £2000 bequeathed by Harry Tarran for Outings:

                  to be managed in ring-fenced account.

                  AGM Minutes sent to Arthur Bartley for inclusion in D&ST                       

21.08.12   AB informed Members of introduction of monthly fee for website.

                  Members were asked for suggestions for items to be removed to keep it free of charge.

                  Treasurer reported 39 Paid from 50 listed Members ; will contact re-outstanding Subs.

                  Comm decision to ignore Entrance Fee and propose a change in the Constitution for 2013 to                   abolish it.      

18.09.12   Minutes to be emailed to Members from today.

                  Treasurer reported 39 paid. 50 paying Members required for Club to be financially viable.

                  Secretary circulated draft amendments to Constitution Website. Decision for AB to delete                   surplus data and budget for modest monthly fee.

16.10.12   Committee Review Meeting organised by the Chairman addressed utstanding issues. Hosted by                    Dick Hawkins and his wife Barbara at their home in Gt. Ayton

4.10.12. Notes circulated to all

                   Committee Members. Viewed as a one-off, enjoyable and very useful ‘catch-up’.

                  Treasurer reported 44 paid + 4 Hon Members. 50 required!

                  Secretary reported draft amendments to Constitution inc.; deletion of

                  Entrance Fee and 80 limit on membership; adding Data Protection

                  Act issues regarding Member personal details.      

15.01.13   Arthur Baker resigned as Website Manager following heart surgery.

                  Committee co-opted Stefan Barnes until AGM. Stefan to stand. Stefan demonstrated new                   website. Previous one ‘hacked’.

                  Draft Constitution to be circ to Members for adoption at AGM;

                  to inc.: 3 year Tenure for Chairman, and combining roles of Treasurer with Membership Sec.

                  Treasurer reported Mary Tarran donation to Club at Xmas Lunch

 18.12.12    of £100/ estimated legacy subsidy costs of  Xmas Lunch £564, Theatre Royal £530, Ampleforth                    £350. Consideration of raising Sub for AGM decision

19.02.13   Stefan finished new website inc current Trip info.; details of future trips and events. Old items                 replaced by local and more relevant information. Treasurer reported Arthur Baker replaced by the

                 Chairman as cheque signatory.

                 Proposal to increase Sub from £20 to £22 at AGM

19.03.13   Members reminded of Nomination Forms

                  Website Manager confirmed new website service provider     

16.04.13   Resignations : Mervin Davies (Comm Member),

                  Arthur Baker (Web Man), David Houston ( Membership Sec)

                  The Chairman presented bottles of wine in appreciation of their

                  Committee work for Probus

21.05.13   New website & Stefan Barnes praised by Members

                  Treasurer reported 51 members, 50 paid with 4 Hons.;

18.06.13   Legacy paid £300 for Ampleforth; Agreement to pay DLI trip £4pp

                 from legacy; Xmas subsidy to be decided; Leg.Bal. now £800;

                 suggestion to hold monthly raffle to raise funds for the Club deferred.

                  Chairman to represent Probus on STHMC              

16.07.13   Membership Sec reported 52 Members paid + 4 Hon Members

                  Website crashed; to be resolved

20.08.13   Treasurer reported 57 paid members with 4 Hons.

                  Legacy balance at £760     

15.10.13   Treasurer reported Legacy balance, £753, will cover Christmas

                  subsidy & trips in 2014

                  Due to death this month of Alan Marchant, Auditor, decision to

                  request a Volunteer to be co-opted to role to serve until AGM.

                  Also change from ‘appointed annually’ to ‘appointed for 3 year


                  Chairman reported on STHMC Minutes

19.11.13   Treasurer, David Middleton, gave Legacy balance Report

                  Speaker Finder, Dick Hawkins, reported 2014/15 Prog finished.

                  Committee approved a Speaker budget of £330 pa; Constitution for

                 AGM changing tenure of Auditor from annual to 3 years;

                 monthly fee for website if free host problems persist.

                 Chairman reported on STHMC Minutes

21.01.14   Chairman proposed tenure change from ‘Annual to 3 years for


                  Bob Ashby, Secretary 2012-2017, stepping down 15.4.14  

                  (New Sec. required 2014-2019)

                  2015 – no elections required

                  2016 – elections for Chairman and 3 Committee Members

                  2017 – election for Speaker Finder

                  2018 – election for Treasurer/Membership Sec.

                  Treasurer reported Legacy balance of £468

                  Chairman reported on STHMC Minutes

18.02.14   Chairman circ new programme for SF; printed by SB

                  Chairman reminded Members of the need for replacements for

                  Bob Ashby (Sec.) and Alan Marchant (Auditor)

                  Chairman reported on STH new scale of charges.

                  (Chairman & Treasurer planned new booking arrangement which

                  would reduce Probus costs.

                  Proposal from Dick Hawkins to reduce Comm Meetings from

                 11 to 5 for 2014/15 accepted        

18.03.14   Treasurer reported an expected surplus of £300 for the year so will

                  propose ‘no change’ to annual Subs.

                  Committee agreed to Co-opt Geoff Phillips as Auditor until the

                  AGM. Geoff will stand for the post.

                  Chairman outlined options if no new Secretary appointed.

                  Member Mtgs changed to 2 hr bkg instead of half-day.

                  Chairman proposed Comm Mtgs for May,Aug.,Nov.,Jan.,March


20.05.14   Stefan Barnes: new website with new host nearly completed

                  David Middleton: 8 outstanding Subs.

                  Legacy Subsidy given to Eden Camp Trip. Balance £300+

                  KW: STH 3000 copies of brochure issued to Stokesley residents.      

                  New Steward, Bill, appointed to replace Colin the Caretaker

17.06.14   Website complete, £36pa cost, 198 pages.

                  Vote of thanks from the Chairman for all of Stefan’s hard work.

                  KW: STH reduced booking costs: Committee 11 to 5 and Member

                  Mtgs 2hrs instead of half day. STHMC introduced a ‘discretionary

                 management charge’ of £10 per mtg to off-set their lost income.

                 Challenges from DM and KW failed to secure redress.

                 KW resigned from STHMC

15.07.14  STH Planned £249 saving reduced to £139 because of 11x£10 charge

                 Visits, discussions and emails of complaint ignored.

                 Members still preferred to meet at STH and accepted that there was

                 still a saving

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