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A.G.M. ….. looking back

27.04.87   First AGM  Committee elected. Membership full at 50.

                  Ken Fowler. ‘Films of an Air Display and Majorca’

18.04.88   Mr. Cowley, Div.Supt. St John’s; Mouth to Mouth Resuscitation

25.04.88   2nd Comm. elected

24.04.89   3rd Comm. elected

23.04.90   4th Comm. elected.

15.04.91   5th  Comm. elected.

                  Numbers limited to 60.  Joining fee of £3 introduced

                  Fred Curry. Work as Parish Coun. in Carlton-in-Cleveland

13.04.92   6th Comm. elected

                  Subs increased to £7.  Entrance fee increased to £5

                  Fred Dean. Poetry Readings inc. Stokesley Probus –

                  A Tribute to the Club

19.04.93   7th Comm. elected.

                  Subs increased to £8. £456 in Deposit Acc. £94 in Current Acc.

                  £138 paid to Speaker ‘good causes’.

                  Alan Marchant (New Chairman): Naughty Clergymen  

                  Fred Dean and squad thanked for coffee-making duties

18.04.94   8th Comm. elected.

                  Attendance 76% for 93/94  max membership 70

                  Alf Strother congratulated for over 7 years on Committee

                  Fred Dean, 60 years of walking in the Lakes

                  Fred Dean, poem, Now we are Seven

17.04.95   9th Comm. elected

                  70 Members  71% attendance 94/95

                  Alan Marchant : special mention after 7 years on Committee

                  Fred Dean, Chairman, gave a Collection of quotes from

                  various poets in praise of ‘the Fairer Sex’.

17.04.96   10th Comm. elected

21.04.97   11th Comm. elected.

                  Harry Hindle, ???

                  Treasurer Reported : Outings overspent by £31. Overall increase of

                  funds by £50

20.04.98    12th Comm. elected

                   Treasurer reported Funds over £600

                   Retiring Chairman, Brian Ramsden, said it had been an excellent

                   Year apart from the Xmas sprouts and the hopeless service on the

                   Tees Cruise

                   Bob Jones. World Cruise – 13 countries in 48 days

19.04.99    13th Comm. elected

                  ‘Probus Life’ magazine cancelled. Projector and Screen purchased.

                   Mr. M. Wilson. Slides of Old Stokesley

17.04.00    14th Comm. elected

                   Alan Crosskill. The Cleveland Ambulance Service

23.04.01    15th Comm. elected

                   Subs still £8

                   Alan Crosskill. The Ambulance Service

15.04.08    Iain Stubbs, Deputy Curator at Dorman Museum and

                   Captain Cook Birthplace Museum   

21.04.09    Dr John Davies, Stokesley:Yesterday’s People

??.07.09     Special Meeting planned to consider changes to the Constitution

18.01.11    Volunteers for Committee requested

                   Chairman and VC posts both vacant

15.03.11    Treasurer proposed budget of £350 for Speakers

                   Proposal for £12 Subs plus £1 for each Meeting attended

19.04.11    Pete Mounsey, Cleveland Search and Rescue

                   25th Committee elected

19.07.11    David Middleton to stand as Treasurer

17.01.12     Constitution to be revised to reduce Committee size and to

                    allow Bank Mandate amendments. Draft on website with

                    hardcopies available.

                    Nominations requested for Chairman and VC. Mervin Davies

                    emphasised the importance of Members contributing to the running

                    of the Club to ensure its survival.

  21.02.12   Revised wording for Constitution agreed ready for AGM

  20.03.12     Walter Gregory, Treasurer, unable to attend AGM. Presented an

                    Audited Report. Deficit for year ending £9.73.

                    Predicted surplus for next year of £30 subject to Speaker fees.

                    The Chairman thanked Walter for his 16years as Treasurer and

                    presented a bottle of wine.     

 17.04.12    Albert Pagan, Who would be a Cricket Umpire?

                   Committee elections. Transition year so Nominations accepted on

                   day. Future Nominations requested in advance of AGM

                   26th Committee elected

                   Treasurer. Income & Expenditure Report 2011/12; Change in Bank

                   Signatories to “ any 2 from 4” – DM,BA,DH,AB; all approved.

                   Secretary. Revised Constitution esp 4c&5c – approved.  

                   Chairman’s Report. See website. Garry Turner proposed vote of

                   thanks to the Chairman; well-received by Members.   

15.01.13   Constitution revised to meet requirements of Data Protection Act

                  and Insurance cover needs.

                  Chairman proposed amalgamation of Membership & Treasurer

                  Roles. To be decided at AGM   

19.02.13   Members reminded of Nomination Forms for elections to the

                  Committee. To be in by March.  

                  Members briefed by Bob Ashby on Data Protection & Insurance

                  wording ready for AGM.

                  Members informed of changes in Constitution: proposal to

                  amalgamate Treasurer & Membership roles; deletion of VC role;

                  changes to Tenure. Bob Ashby Draft with detailed explanations on

                  website. Proposal to replace Probus Badges (rarely worn) with

                  Probus Pens (cheaper & more functional). Decisions at AGM

                  Alan Marchant offered to continue as Auditor

16.04.13   John Devlin, Masters of Light 33 Members attended

                  Treasurer. Budget Bal. £195. Slight increase in STH charges. Slight

                  decrease in Speaker fees. Approx 50% of Legacy spent 2012/13 on

                  Trips and Xmas Lunch. Rec for no change to Sub of £20; approved


                  Thanks to Alan Marchant as Auditor.

                 Secretary. Data Protection Act and H&S issues updated.

                 Committee Tenure changes – Chairman & Ordinary Members to

                 3years; Officers 5 years; VC role abolished; Treasurer &

                 Membership Sec roles amalgamated. New Constitution approved

                  unanimously. Posted on website.

                 Membership. Sec reported 53 members listed + Hons.  Sec resigning

                  today: reflections; early years of Club swollen by early retirements

                  from Steel & Chemical industries; all now completed so influx of

                 younger members dried up; membership numbers an illusion because

                 many members not active/do not attend; through natural turnover

                 active membership increasing .

                 The Chairman presented David with a bottle of wine.

                 Speakers. 2013/14 completed and on website. Some talks linked

                 with possible visits. 12/13 £250; 13/14 £155 fees

                 Website. Arthur Baker resigned due to ill-health

                 Stefan Barnes co-opted           

                 27th Committee elected

15.04.14   28th Committee elected

                  Malcolm Race, A Half-Century in Print. 36members + 11 apols

                 Treasurer. David Middleton, reported 58 Members, healthy budget

                  balance, no change to Sub £20 (£25 proposed by Jim King for next

                 year), thanks to Geoff Phillips for Auditing the accounts.

                  Secretary. Bob Ashby, recorded his enjoyment as Sec for past 6

                  Years. New Constitution adopted unanimously. On website.

                  The Chairman presented Bob with a bottle of wine.

                  Speakers. Dick Hawkins, reported a difficult year with several

                  Speakers dropping out so last minute replacements required.

                  2014/15 Prog complete, circ and on website. Thanked Members for

                  speaker suggestions.

                 Website. New Host hacked and unreliable. Another new Host under


                  Chairman. Report on website.       

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