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Seamer is a village parish 2 miles NW. of Stokesley  It supports a small farming community.

The church, dedicated to St. Martin is a neat, small plain, structure, re-built in 1821, situated upon an eminence, and commanding an extensive prospect. Between the villages of Seamer and Newby, there is a remarkable tumulus, significantly called How-Hill, which is not known to have ever been opened. In the fields adjoining, towards the South, on the side of a hill, are evident marks of an entrenchment; and it is reported, that in the valley or plain beneath, armour, swords, and human bones have been frequently turned up by the plough.

It is difficult, perhaps, at this remote period, from the imperfect accounts, to know to what people they could have belonged; but considering the nature and situation of the country, it seems probable, that this might have been the scene of action, where the Saxons were overthrown by Prince Arthur, at the memorable battle of Baden-hill; which, according to Holinshed, and some other historians, is conjectured to have been fought in this neighbourhood, about the year 492.

In 2012 the controversial installation of five wind turbines on the outskirts of the village was completed