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Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held at 11.00 in Stokesley Town Hall on Tuesday 16th April 2019

 1. Apologies

There were 39 Members present with 7 Apologies. There were no Guests at the Meeting.

 2. Minutes of AGM held on Tuesday 17th April 2018

The Minutes of the 2018 AGM were Approved by Members.

 3. Matters Arising

There were no Matters Arising.

 4. Chairman’s Report

Keith delivered the Chairman’s Report. This is on the website at http://www.stokesleyprobus.co.uk/page10.html

On behalf of the Club, Keith presented the retiring Treasurer, David Middleton, with a history of Sunderland Football Club and a book of Golf Quotes. He also presented the retiring Secretary, Peter Robinson, with Wainwright’s Pictorial Guides to the Lakeland Fells.

 5. Approval of Income and Expenditure Report for Year Ending 31st March 2018

The Income and Expenditure Account certified by Maj Chuhan, the Auditor, had been circulated to Members by email. Hard copies were provided to Members who do not have email. The Members Approved the Report which showed a surplus for the year of £363.  The Treasurer noted that the surplus was aided by the Speaker Finder’s success in making a substantial saving on his budget. Keith thanked Maj Chuhan for auditing the accounts.

 6. Treasurer and Membership Secretary’s AGM Report

The Treasurer noted that the financial health of the Club was very good. He said that the Committee had recommended that the annual subscription should remain at £25. This was agreed unanimously on a show of hands.

 7. Speaker Finder’s AGM Report

Keith Burton reported that the Speaker Programme for the next year was complete and had been issued to Members. He invited suggestions for Speakers for the year 2020-21 to enable him to work on next year’s programme.

 8. Website Manager’s AGM Report

Stefan Barnes had apologised for his absence. The Chairman thanked Stefan for his hard work in solving many problems with the website. He had been so successful that Members had been unaware of these difficulties.

 9. Secretary’s AGM Report

The Secretary reported that the Annual Review of the Club Constitution had been completed and reviewed by the Committee. The revised document had been distributed to Members. Changes include incorporating the Ethos in the Constitution and amending the banking arrangements following the closure of the Stokesley branch of Barclays.. The revised Constitution was Approved unanimously by Members.

 10. Elections

The Secretary stated that no Nominations had been received for the position of Chairman. Peter said that Keith had offered to continue for a final term of office, providing some of his work including the organising of Trips and Members’ Lunches was done by other Members. Peter remarked that the Club should identify a successor early in Keith’s term of office so that he could shadow the Chairman for a period. Peter considered that Keith had worked so hard and with such success that Members might feel reluctant to succeed him. The next Chairman will probably choose to do some things in a very different way. Jim Gannon suggested that it might be helpful to reinstate the position of Vice Chairman. John Foster proposed Keith as Chairman and this was seconded by Colin Hinton.

Chris Lee had been proposed as Treasurer by David Middleton and seconded by John Richardson.

David Stevenson had been proposed as Secretary by Norris Wilson and seconded by ??

Derek Whiting was willing to continue as a General Member.

Kevin Clifford was proposed as a General Member by Colin Hinton and seconded by Chris Lee.

Graham Howard was proposed as a General Member by Maj Chuhan and seconded by Kevin Clifford

All of the above were elected unanimously.

Maj Chuhan was proposed as Auditor by Bill Graham and seconded by Bob Scott. He was reappointed unanimously.

Peter Robinson will organise Members’ Lunches, but will not be a Member of the Committee.

(Unless I am much mistaken, we did not get a volunteer to organise trips!!)

Chris Lee will take over the organisation of the Christmas Lunch from David Middleton.

 11. AOB

A Vote of Thanks to the Committee was passed unanimously.

 12. Date of Next AGM.

The next AGM will be held on 21st April 2020.

Approved by   ……………………..………Chairman   Date……………………..