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Minutes of the Business Meeting held at 11:00 on 21/05/2019

1.There were 35 members and 1 guest present and 16 apologies. Alan Reed attended as a Guest of the Chairman. Alan had a background in chemistry and has various hobbies one being chess in which the Great Ayton team that Alan plays for won the league.

2. The Minutes from 19.3.19 and 16/04/19 were accepted.

3. No matters arising.

4. Fun draw held over from last meeting took place.

    John Rhind and David Stevenson won books on Yorkshire

5. Chairman informed the meeting that spare programmes were available along with membership lists and other papers if members required them.

6. 20 more lapel pins were now available £2.50.

7. Committee reports:

Treasurer: All members who had not paid the subscription fee of £25 would have until July to pay them.

Secretary: Because of the new members on the committee the new list of signatories would have to passed by the members. This was passed unanimously.

8. Trips

King and I on 06/06/19. There were now two spare seats if any members wished to go.

Railway Museum Shildon 31/07/19. 6 members definite, 2 guests definite. Others to confirm ASAP.

Les Miserables, the balance to be paid at the June meeting. Email to specify each balance.

9. AOB

The meeting was reminded of the upcoming 75th Anniversary of D Day. Various events are to be held and should make a memorable memorial.

A letter was shown and read from The Children’s Society thanking for help given in the past.

The Chairman explained that nationally PROBUS has two centres. The PROBUS information centre is the one Stokesley deals with and purchased the lapel pins from their but each club is different. The other centre PROBUS online produces an online magazine.

Information was discussed about the two PROBUS clubs in Middlesbrough. South Cleveland club is thriving but unfortunately Middlesbrough PROBUS is struggling with only 27 members and is rumoured to be folding. If any members know members of this club they would be welcome to join Stokesley PROBUS.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 18th June 1019 when Mark Braithwaite will talk on a notorious Teesside murder.

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