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Minutes of business meeting held at 11.00 on 15/01/19

1. There were 38 Members present and 12 Apologies.

2. The Minutes of the Meeting held on 20th  November were Accepted.

3. There were no Matters Arising

4. The Chairman welcomed 4 new Members: Brian Dinsdale, Fred Logie, Richard Rose and John Foster who had rejoined (John was one of the Apologies)

5. Brian Fitzgerald and Alex Smithson were Guests of the Chairman, George Pattison a Guest of Maj Chuhan and Chris Lloyd of Bill Graham.

6. 27 Members and 24 Guests had enjoyed Christmas Lunch at the Wainstones. There was general agreement that it had been very good value. For 2019, Members had a choice of 4th, 10th or 17th  December. They voted to hold the event on Tuesday 10.

7. The Treasurer said that the Club had made a profit of £3 on the Christmas Lunch.

The Secretary had nothing to report.

The Website Manager was absent.

The Speakerfinder advised that Speakers for the next year are turning down a fee of £25. A budget of £330 which has been fixed for the last 4 years is now too low. The Committee had agreed that this figure should be raised to £400. This was Approved

by Members. Keith also advised that Mike Irvine will be replaced as the Speaker in March because of ill health. Peter Atkinson will talk on ‘Is Everything Relative?’.

8. The Chairman informed the Meeting that the Committee had been discussing additional roles. One person might organise Members’ Lunches and a second the Christmas Lunch. These might not be Committee Members. Maj Chuhan has agreed to continue as Auditor and Derek Whiting as a Committee Member. Chris Lee is willing to take on the Treasurer’s role. Peter Robinson is ready to organise Members’ Lunches. Kevin Clifford and Graham Howard are prepared to stand as Ordinary Members. There are vacancies for the Chairman and Secretary’s positions.

9. 15 Members and 13 Guests had gone to York on 30th

 November. The coach and driver were excellent. Unfortunately the group missed the tour of York Minster because of delays in traffic. The £180 deposit was lost despite appeals. Maj Chuhan asked if we could get admission for the next year. Keith will follow this up. Confirmed trips for 2019 are to ‘The King and I’ at Sunderland Empire on 6 June and to ‘Les Miserables’ at Newcastle on 26th September. For ‘The King and I’, 10 seats have been booked and 8 have been taken. The cost is likely to be less than £50 per person including the minibus. 12 seats (7 Members, 5 Guests with 15 Apologies) have been booked for ‘Les Miserables’ and 9 deposits paid. The cost will be less than £90 each. Please let Keith know if you would like to go on either trip.

Other possibilities include Auckland Castle/Shildon Railway, Temple Newsome, Buddy Holly, Kynren, the Durham Lumiere and the Alexandra Auditorium in Yarm.

Maj Chuhan suggested that final decisions should be taken to reduce the time the Chairman spends on investigating suggestions. Keith agreed and said he would include this in the February agenda.

10. The Fun Draw prizes were AA Road Atlases won by Keith Burton and Geoff Phillips.

11. The next Meeting will be on Tuesday 19th February with Tony Daniels talking on

‘Your next stop – Stokesley’.

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