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Minutes of business meeting held at 11.00 on 20/11/18

The Chairman started the Meeting with a brief talk on Alan Cross who had died on 12

October. His funeral service was held on 22 nd  October at Kirkleatham.

Alan transferred Probus membership from Guisborough to Stokesley in October 2017 but

resigned through ill health in April 2018. Alan moved into a Care Home in Guisborough

where he passed away. He was described by the Club Secretary as a real gentleman.  

The Chairman paid tribute to the excellent Remembrance display at St Mary’s Church in

Nunthorpe. This included a whicker soldier and horse and red, white and purple poppies.  

The Chairman informed Members of a Card from Gill Sockett thanking the Club for the

message of sympathy following the death of Mike.

The Chairman then appealed for unwanted DVDs, CDs and Books which he would arrange to be sold with profits going to Brain Tumour research.

1. 37 Members and 4 Guests attended with 8 apologies.

2. Minutes of the last Meeting 16.10.18

Accepted with no matters arising.

The Chairman acknowledged the caring presentation of ‘Lest We Forget’ by the Club

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3. There were no new members.

4. Four Guests attended:

Brian Dinsdale, Fred Logie and Richard Rose as guests of Maj Chuhan

Brian Fitzgerald as a guest of the Chairman

5. Committee Reports

Treasurer: David Middleton. Christmas Lunch arrangements detailed with additional

paper copies distributed. Secretary and Website Manager on holiday

Speaker Finder: Keith appealed for Speaker suggestions for the next programme.

6. Trips The Chairman listed the 2 trips currently booked.

30.11.18 York   and   26.09.19 Les Miserables, Newcastle Theatre Royal Suggested trips.

1. Kynren ML,GT. Details as already circulated. A late performance show usually in

August. Some cost and walking issues. DH and DM gave positive reports. HC provided an Information brochure.

2. Durham Lumiere ML,GT. Details as already circulated. A late performance 4-night festival in November.

3. Auckland Castle KW. Currently under-going refurbishment but some rooms open for the Christmas period. Derek Whiting provided an Information brochure.

4. Shildon Railway Museum AB. The Chairman detailed the site facilities. 3 and 4 ogether would make an enjoyable day.

5. Hitachi ML. The Chairman received an email reply: ‘visits not available; visit Hitachi at York Railway Museum’. The Chairman queried 2 other local groups making the visit but no response to date.

6. Temple Newsam, Leeds SB. Details as already circulated. This venue seemed very appropriate.

7. Princess Alexandra Auditorium, Yarm JF.

The Chairman detailed the programme available.

8. The Buddy Holly Story. Darlington Hippodrome CL. The Chairman outlined the show for member information. Thurs.19.9.19  2.00pm  Seats approx. £25pp Initial responses x3 Yes  x2 No th

9. The King and I. Sunderland Empire. The Chairman gave details for Member information. x6 matinees Seats about £30pp

Initial responses x2 Yes  x2 No

Decisions on these trips are needed in order to secure theatre seats if required and to eliminate repetition of work and agenda items.

Please tel. or email. Thanks

7.  Committee Membership and Roles

This was the main Committee agenda item. The Chairman reported on the Committee discussion relating to the current membership, tenure of office and resignations for April 2019. This applies especially to the Offices of Secretary, Treasurer and Chairman. New Members are needed.

Discussion involved suggestions for workload reduction in each role.


Appointing a Christmas Rep. to support the Treasurer Reducing the Speaker Notes to a synopsis

Appointing a Lunches Rep. to support the Chairman

Appointing a Trips Rep. to support the Chairman

The Reps. would not be Committee Members but would attend meetings by need.

Members were asked to consider the issues ready for the next Meeting.

The provisional situation

Maj Chuhan is willing to stand again as Auditor 2019 to 2022

Derek Whiting is willing to stand again as Comm. Member 2019-2022

Peter Robinson is willing to stand as Lunches Rep. 2019-2022

Chris Lee is willing to stand as Treasurer 2019-2024

Kevin Clifford is willing to stand as Committee Member 2019-2022

Keith Waller is willing to stand as Chairman provided that the organisation of

Lunches and Trips is removed from the role 2019-2022

Vacancy: Secretary 2019-2024

Vacancy: Chairman 2019-2022

NOTE: 2022 resignations if all of the above appointments are approved:

Maj, Derek, Peter, Kevin, Keith from above plus Keith Burton  

8. AOB

Stokesley Town Hall Management Comm. have invited all User Groups to appoint a Rep. to serve on the Committee.

Michael Westgarth-Taylor will represent Probus. Fun Draw. Christmas presents won by Bob Scott and Norris Wilson

9. Next Meeting: Tuesday 15 th

 January 2019:

               Refreshments and Sherry and Mince Pies

               Committee and Business Meetings

               Speaker: David Severs talking on ‘Stokesley Clockmakers and their Clocks’

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all Members and their families   



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