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Minutes of business meeting held at 11.00 on 16/10/18

Keith opened the Business Meeting with a Eulogy to Mike Sockett who passed away on 4th October at the age of 82. There had been a Thanksgiving Service the previous day at which 9 Members of Probus were present. Mike had joined Probus in 2006. After Keith had told us about his interests and achievements, the Meeting observed a minute’s silence. Keith had sent donations on behalf of Probus to St. Augustine’s Church, where Mike had been Treasurer and to Prostate Cancer UK. 1. There were 31 Members present with 9 Apologies.

2. The Minutes of the Meeting held on 11th September were Accepted.

3. Matters Arising - The Chairman noted that David Stevenson had been a Guest of Norris Wilson. Keith read a letter from John Rhind who had broken his back in a fall. He will not be able to drive for 3 months, but is hoping to be able to attend the Christmas Lunch.

4. There were no new Members.

5. There were no Guests at the Meeting.

6. The Treasurer reported that the Christmas Lunch would be held at the Wainstones Hotel on 11th December. The cost would be £18 per head, an increase of £1 on last year. This includes coffee and a gratuity. For comparison, the Middlesbrough Probus Christmas Lunch at Gisborough Hall will cost £26 per person. The Secretary and Speaker Finder had nothing to report. The Website Manager was absent.

7. There were 10 Members and 1 Guest at the Members’ Lunch at the Royal Oak in Great Ayton on 3rd October. Jim Gannon thought it had been a good meal. Keith had been to the Blacksmith’s Arms at Swainby for a meal recently. The food and service had been OK. For the autumn meal in 2019, the possibilities were lunch at the Tomahawk in Potto or afternoon tea on the Teesside Princess. These would be looked at again in the New Year.

8. 15 Members and 13 Guests had booked to go to York on 30th November. The cost will be £30 for non-members of the National Trust and £23 for members. This will include guided tours of Goddard House and the Minster. Lunch at the Treasurer’s House is not included. 6 Members and 5 Guests have booked to go to Les Miserables on 26th September 2019. The cost will be £90 using a minibus from Oggy’s. Other possibilities for next year are Kynren for which details have not yet been published, the 10th Anniversary Durham Lumiere in November and Temple Newsam, a Tudor Jacobean house near Leeds. Both Nissan and Auckland Castle cannot be booked at present but will be reconsidered in the New Year.

9. Keith drew attention to the Stokesley Society Newsletter and commended the Society to Members. He drew attention to the free exhibition commemorating World War 1 in Stokesley Town Hall to be put on by the Society on 16th and 17th November. The Red Cross will also be there remembering the VAD.

10. The next Meeting will be on Tuesday 21st November with Ian Pearce talking on ‘Cleopatra’s Needle – A Local Connection’.

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