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Marton is a small, but important, suburb of South Middlesbrough. Extensive housing developments from the 1950s significantly enlarged the parish.  

Stewart Park was bequeathed to Middlesbrough in 1928 by Coun. Dormund Stewart. James Cook was born in 1728 in Marton village. The site of the cottage, which was levelled in the 1790s, is located in Stewart Park and marked by a granite statue paid for by Henry Bolckow. The land that is now Stewart Park was bought by Middlesbrough Ironmaster Henry Bolckow in 1853.

The Hall he built was destroyed by fire and demolition in 1960. The site is now occupied by The Captain Cook Birthplace Museum, opened in 1978.   

St. Cuthbert's Church.

12th Century Norman Church. Overlords were the De Brus family; descendants of Robert the Bruce.The Church was gifted to Guisborough Priory before 1187. In 1540 Henry V111 assumed all of the Priory properties. In 1545 the Church was granted to the Diocese of York.

It benefitted from major upgrading by Squire Rudd in the 1840s Captain Cook was baptised here. Bolckow and Vaughan, founding fathers of Middlesbrough, are both buried here. Their graves were refurbished in 2009.

The present SDPC Chairman was married here.