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The name Ingleby Barwick is derived from both Viking and Saxon place names. Ingleby is derived from Old Norse Englar+by and means 'farmstead or village of the English man', Barwick is Saxon in origin, Bere is Saxon for barley and Wick means farm.This suggests that the area was affected by both the Viking and Saxon invasions.

It may have been that until the 17th century, Ingleby and Barwick were two separate places. After the Norman invasion The Manor of Barwick was given to Robert Malet the son of William Malet, King William's great chamberlain. In the 13th century the land was owned by the Priors of Guisborough & Jervaulx until the dissolution of monasteries.

Between the 14th and 16th centuries landowners included the Percys of Northumberland and the Parrs of Nottingham

During routine aerial photography of the Ingleby Barwick area in 1970 it was discovered that land at Quarry Farm (at the southerly end of Queen Elizabeth Way) contained a site of some archaeological interest. Initial work showed this to be the site of the most northerly Roman Empire Villa and associated buildings.

Due to the more recent work it has been found that the site consists of a villa, settlement buildings, enclosure system, bath and many artefacts depicting the lifestyle of the times.

Ingleby Barwick nowadays is a large residential area built on the southern perimeter of Thornaby Airfield in the borough of Stockton. The area is enclosed by the River Tees to the west and north, the River Leven to the west and south and Bassleton Beck to the east. It was officially opened in 1981 by the Mayor of Langbaurgh.