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The Probus Club of Stokesley and District Minutes of business meeting held at 11.00 on 20/09/16

There were 28 Members present and 10 Apologies.

The Minutes of the Meeting on 16th August were accepted as a true record.

There were no Matters Arising

There were no new Members at the Meeting.

There was one Guest at the Meeting, introduced by Maj Chuhan.

Committee Reports. The Treasurer apologised for his absence and had nothing
to report.

The Secretary and Website Manager had nothing to report.

The Speaker Finder asked for suggestions for Speakers for the 2017-18 session.

The Members Lunch will be at Chapters Hotel in Stokesley on Wednesday 5th
October at 12.30 for 1pm. The Chairman reported that the hotel has two menus
at lunchtime. He had emailed the fixed menu to Members. Hardcopies of this
menu were available at the Meeting. The second menu changes every week and
he would email this to Members as soon as it is available.

Hard copies of the letter and booking form for the Castle Howard trip on 30th
November were available. Just under 30 Members and Guests have booked so
far. Guests are very welcome. The coach booked is a 49 seater and so there is
plenty of space. Members of the Historic Houses Association (not English
Heritage) will be entitled to free admission. Stefan Barnes commented that
Christmas at Castle Howard is a very good event with good shops and
restaurants. It is a festive occasion. The Chairman confirmed that photography is
permitted without charge.

AOB. The fun draw prizes were ’The Bicycle Book won by John Edwards and
The Illustrated Practical Encyclopaedia of Cycling' won by Mike Humphrey.

The next Meeting will be on Tuesday 18th October. The speaker will be Allen
Nixon on 'Radio - A Great Future Behind It'.

Approved by Chairman                                             Date.