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Minutes of business meeting held at 11.00 on 15/03/16

1. On a very cold and icy day, there were 36 Members present and 9 Apologies.

2. The Minutes of the last Meeting were accepted as a true record.

3. Matters arising: There had been 9 Apologies at the last Meeting rather than 8 as


4. John Edwards, a Guest of Keith Burton was welcomed by the Chairman.

5. Keith Waller reported on Bill Skinner’s funeral. He had attended a Memorial

Service with Mike and Dan Humphrey and John Richardson following the

interment for family only. He brought an Order of Service to the Meeting. There

had been no eulogy at the service, but Keith gave a moving account of Bill’s

family and professional life which was followed by a minute’s silence.

6. The Secretary reported on proposed changes to the Club Constitution and Ethos.

These will be proposed at the AGM for Members’ Approval. The main changes

cover the removal of the limit on the maximum number of Ordinary Committee

Members and changes to the Co-opting procedure when a Committee Member

resigns. He will circulate the proposed new Constitution and Ethos by email. Hard

copies were available at the end of the Meeting.

7. Committee Reports. The Treasurer reported that Maj Chuhan had been Co-opted

to replace Geoff Phillips as Auditor. Members will be asked to Appoint Maj for a

Term of 3 years at the AGM. The Annual Subscription for the next year, payable

by 30th April, is proposed as £22, unchanged from the current year.

The Secretary and Speaker Finder had nothing to report.

Stefan Barnes had Apologised for his absence, but had provide Speaker

Programme cards for the next year, which the Chairman distributed.

8. The Pearl Anniversary of the Club will be marked at the AGM. Wine, tea, coffee

and an Anniversary Cake will be provided. Derek Whiting will take a photo of the

cake at the beginning of next month’s Meeting.

9. A Members’ Lunch will be held at Chadwicks in Maltby on Wednesday 6th April.

The Chairman will circulate the menu. Making choices in advance will help the

kitchen staff, but this is not essential. The cost will be £15 for 2 courses and £18

for 3, including gratuity.

10. The first Trip will be to the Aston Martin Workshops. The programme will be a

tour of the workshops from 10.30 to 12.30 followed by a 2 course lunch, which

must be pre-booked. If 30 people go, the cost will be £42. It was agreed after

discussion that the date will be 8th June and that we will not go to Beamish in the

afternoon. The Chairman will circulate details. The second trip will be on 3rd

August to Tennants Auction House in Leyburn. The cost would be £18 for a 1/2

day tour including refreshments or £25 for a full day including a hot lunch and

other refreshments. The coach would add about £10. Keith will also send out

details of this trip. A visit to Castle Howard at Christmas was suggested for 30th

November, when there will be tour guides, a Christmas Market, gift shops, cafes

and restaurants. The £26 cost includes admission to the historic house.

11. Brian Aston has supplied some of the missing names of those on the photograph

of the Christmas 1991 lunch. The winners of the Fun Draw were Geoff Phillips

and John Richardson. The prizes were Easter Parade DVDs.

12. The next Meeting will be on Tuesday 19th April. The speaker will be Alan

Clements on ‘Sound of Impact’.

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