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Minutes of business meeting held at 11.00 on 19/01/16

1. There were 35 Members present and 10 Apologies. The Chairman thanked Walter Gregory for again arranging sherry and mince pies for the first Meeting of the year. He also thanked Chris Stirk, Harry Bowes and his replacement, Keith Bell, for organising refreshments at the other Meetings during the last year.

2. The Minutes of the last Meeting were accepted as a true record.

3. There were no Matters Arising.

4. There were no Guests at the Meeting. The Chairman welcomed Michael Sheffield s a new Member.

5. A letter of resignation from Fred Curry was read to the Meeting by the Chairman.

Fred was a Founder Member of the Club at the CafÚ Royal on 25th April 1986, but feels that at the age of 95, now is the time to leave. In the early days, the Secretary found ad hoc Speakers. Unfortunately he died early in his term of office. Fred remembered when the Club nearly had to close in 1999 for want of a Chairman. He said how much he had enjoyed being a Member and thanked the

various Chairmen who had led the Club over the last 30 years.

6. It was agreed that the Christmas Lunch at the Wainstones had again been very successful. This year’s Lunch will be on 13th December. An album of photographs taken at the first Christmas Lunch had been circulated. Brian Aston will be asked if he can identify any of the unknown diners. Stefan will upload the album to the website. At this year’s Lunch, Derek Whiting will take photos for a new album.

7. Committee Reports

The Treasurer reported that 63 people had attended the Lunch on 15th December. The event had made a profit of £26.

The Secretary said that no Nomination had been received for the post of Chairman to be elected at the AGM in April. The Committee understood that Members might feel that Keith was a hard act to follow. Some of the responsibilities could be shared with other Committee Members. He asked

Members to consider taking on the role on this basis.

The Website Manager had nothing to report.

The Speaker Finder said that the Speaker Programme is now fixed and that Stefan will produce the cards for the Meeting in March. Dick suggested that his replacement should join the Committee some time before he steps down in April 2018 to allow a smooth handover.

8. AOB. The Chairman had received a letter from Bob Ashby, which he made available to Members at the end of the Meeting. Brian Aston, the only remaining Founder Member will join the Committee for the Annual Photograph in the spring.

Prizes in the Fun Draw were RHS 2016 diaries. The winners were Keith Bell, Norris Wilson, David Chadwick and Malcolm D’Arcy.

9. The next Meeting will be on Tuesday 16th February. The speaker will be Tony Daniels on ‘Some Cartoons are Funny (1940 – Present Day)’.

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