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The Club, founded in 1986, established its base in Stokesley with the agreed aim of serving the broader District.

The general District area is represented by rural locations and the residential areas of its membership. There are no clearly defined boundary lines for any Probus Club which means that all potential Members are free to apply to join the Club of their choice. All are welcome.

The current membership of SDPC comes from a broad area covering, amongst others :

● Stokesley, Great Broughton and Chop Gate

● Great Ayton, Guisborough, Marske and Redcar

● Nunthorpe and Marton

● Ingleby Barwick and Hartburn

● Welbury, Swainby, Hutton Rudby and Seamer

The SDPC website has been developed to reflect Stokesley at the heart of the Club but also to incorporate the broader District.

A notation  provides a brief commentary on particular areas of the District supported by photographs of key points.

We hope that you find this ‘District’ section of the website accurate, interesting and informative. As always, the   Members, the Committee and in particular the Website Manager would welcome any ideas for improvement.

Chop Gate Great Ayton Great Broughton Guisbrough