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John Devlin & the Masters of Light.

This presentation hardly needed any explanation, it was simply an amazing collection of fabulous, eye-catching images, mainly of familiar scenes seen from a fresh perspective & exploiting natural light to the full.

John Devlin & his colleagues, Mike Kipling & Brian Jobson are locally based professional photographers who specialise in architectural & landscape photography. They have enthusiastically embraced the new art of digital photography which allows them to capture  artistic pictures from subjects illuminated by a wide range of natural light, far beyond the capability of film.

Many of their images were taken in the local area, for example; blast furnaces at the Steel Works & fishermen’s huts at South Gare; frost covered bales in the foreground with Roseberry Topping in the background;  Staithes harbour with sunrise silhouetting the cliffs ; steam locomotives on The North York Moors Railway & tree-scapes at the arboretum at Thorp Perrow.   But in every case the pictures were taken from an unusual viewpoint & with dramatic lighting.  Waterfalls & waves breaking on beaches were other subjects, where by judicious use of shutter speeds, foreground rocks & unusual cloud formations they created works of art.  The pattern, shape & form of their subjects were chosen to catch the eye.

Castle Howard provided the backdrop for a delightful sequence of photographs, accompanied by music, which depicted this stately home throughout the four seasons. Photographs had been shot at all times of day in all weathers & with arresting foregrounds & dramatic cloud scapes as part of a commission to promote the property. These photographs are now available in a book.

Not only landscapes but architectural subjects were captured by their lenses, from the interiors of English cathedrals to arcades in Milan. The new technique of stitching digital images together provided panoramas, which displayed the splendour of these buildings to full effect.

In addition to local scenes their skills had been exercised all over the world, from the mountains of Scotland to the deserts of the United States of America & they showed an amazingly varied portfolio where they had captured the magic of their locations.

There is a link on the club website to the websites of John Devlin & his colleagues where further images can be seen & prints bought or photography commissioned