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Minutes of business meeting held at 11.00 on 18/08/15

1.  There were 32 Members present and 7 Apologies.

2.  The Minutes of the last Meeting were accepted as a true record.

3.  There were no Matters Arising.

4.  There were two Guests at the Meeting. Ron Semain who was a guest of Colin Hinton and Bob Clay, a guest of Peter Robinson.

5.  The Treasurer reported that 33 people had gone on the trip to the Black Sheep Brewery and Ripon Cathedral. A subsidy of £2.50 per head from the legacy fund left £85 in the fund.

The Secretary had nothing to report.

The Website Manager advised Members to beware of emails purporting to give links to upgrade to Windows 10. These should not be opened because the link is to ransomware which freezes all files. The cost of rectifying this is $600. An icon in the bottom right notification panel is safe, but it may be wise to wait for early bugs to be fixed. New badges for Members were available, but Stefan requested the return of the holders for the old ones to avoid the need to purchase replacements.

The Speaker Finder had nothing to report.

6.  17 Members and 16 Guests had gone on the trip to the Black Sheep Brewery and Ripon Cathedral. There were 6 apologies. The brewery had been a bit noisy, but the meal was first class. At the Cathedral, there was general agreement that the guides were excellent. Several Members had visited previously, but all felt that the tours gave an extra dimension to the day.

7.  The next Members’ Lunch will be at the Dudley Arms on 30th  September. The cost will be £10 for the meal (including tip), regardless of the number of courses. Members can turn up on the day, but pre-ordering when possible will be appreciated by the Dudley. The menu is on the Probus website and has been circulated by email by the Chairman.

8.  AOB. Arthur Greenwell, a former Member died on 7th  August at the age of 92. He had been living in a care home in Darlington. Mike Irving said that he had worked for Tees Towing. Mike Brabin is in touch with Dick Grunwell and Alan Etherington, if any Member wishes to make contact. Les Wheatley who joined in 1997 has had 3 replacement knees. All have been unsuccessful.

The Chairman mentioned a suggestion by Margaret Wilson for a trip to the Lavender Farm at Terrington near York in 2016. He read details of the venue from the website. His proposal was for a visit to the Farm in the morning, followed by a couple of hours in York in the afternoon. The only cost would be the coach. Lunch would be available at the Farm if people wished to buy it there. He asked Members for a response to this suggestion at the next meeting.

The Chairman wished Bob Ashby well as he leaves to live in Surrey.  

The Fun draw prizes were books by Paul Ham ‘Hiroshima Nagasaki: The Real Story of the Atomic Bombings and Their Aftermath’. They were won by Brian Nichols and David Middleton.

9.  The next Meeting will be on Tuesday 8th

 September 2015, a week earlier than normal

because of Stokesley Fair. Phil Philo will talk on ‘North East Turned Upside Down’.


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