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Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held in Stokesley Town Hall on Tuesday 21st April 2015

1. Apologies
There were 37 Members present and 10 apologies. The Chairman sent best wishes to Bill Skinner,
Mike Humphrey and other members who are under the weather.
2. Minutes of AGM held on 15th April 2014 were Approved
3. Matters arising – none. Item 7 Annual Subscriptions are again on the agenda for this meeting.
4. Chairman’s Report
4.01 Committee
The Chairman thanked the Committee and Members who work for and serve the Club:
David Middleton, Dick Hawkins and Stefan Barnes for yet another year all fulfilled their responsibilities with outstanding skill and efficiency.
Peter Robinson has completed his first year as Club Secretary and maintained the tradition of dedicated and skilled Administrative expertise. He has become a major asset to the Committee and to the Club.
Our Committee Members, Terry Ratcliffe and Derek Whiting have continued with their commitment and support.
Unfortunately, Jeff Bamlett had to step down due to family commitments but we are grateful to Keith Bell for his co-option in January.
Our Support Team of Chris Stirk, Harry Bowes, Jim Gannon and Geoff Phillips have all provided invaluable service over the past year.
4.02 Speaker Programme Our Speaker Programme, once again, was exceptional thanks to Dick Hawkins. It was diverse and enjoyed by all Members:-
- A Half Century in Print, From Cart Horses to Computers, Ormesby Hall & the Pennyman Family, Stokesley People & the Great War (from Keith Burton - Member), 2 sets of Travels in China, Waterways in N. England, Mountain Medicine in Nepal, Lake District contrasts, Attacking the Devil & Sinking the Unsinkable, Roman Military and the Tees Valley Wildlife Trust - Many popular talks.
4.03 Monthly Meetings.
The Meetings are increasingly popular providing an opportunity to enjoy refreshments and conversation prior to the Speaker. The average number of Members attending has increased from 23 to 31 last year and to 34 this year.
Highest - Aug. 37 Lowest June 28
Apologies. Valued. Avg. 10 Highest June 17 Lowest Sept. 2
4.03 The Harry Tarran Legacy.
Harry left £2000 to the Club to be used to support Trips and Christmas Lunch. The Legacy provided wonderful assistance to Club activities.
David Middleton managed the expenditure on a planned programme of subsidised events running from Sept 2012 to 2015.
All Members have had the opportunity to benefit.
David and the Committee maintain regular reviews of Legacy expenditure and report balances to the membership. Currently the balance stands at £167.80
4.05 Trips. We had two successful trips.
(a) Thursday 1st May 2014 10 Members and 7 Guests (with 14 apologies) enjoyed a very interesting and informative day at Eden Camp in spite of poor weather. The highlight was a Guest (Penny Barton) who found photographs and articles about her Aunt and Uncle in the War displays. (£16 Members - £21 Guests)
(b)Wednesday 17th September 2014 14 Members and 12 Guests
(with 16 apologies) enjoyed a visit to the Theatre Royal in Newcastle to see Top Hat. (£40 Members - £45 Guests)
4.06 Christmas Lunch.
Tuesday 16th Dec 2014 at The Wainstones Hotel, Great Broughton.
32 Members and 27 Guests attended with 6 Apologies. (73 in 2013). This was another very successful occasion organised by David Middleton (with another Fun Draw by the Chairman). (£16pp inc. Coffee & Gratuity)
4.07 Member Lunches.
(a) Wednesday 1st October 2014 13 members enjoyed the lunch and conversation at the Bay Horse in Hutton Rudby. Some thought that this one was the best yet (6 apologies). (£11 x2courses - £14 x3 courses inc. Gratuity).
(b) Wednesday 1st April 2015 14 Members (with 5 apologies) enjoyed the occasion at the Jet Miners Inn in Great Broughton.
(£14 x2courses - £17 x3courses inc. Coffee & Gratuity)
4.08 Membership.
Alf Strother died earlier this year. (Comment Later).
Peter Scholes resigned in April 2014 due to illness and very sadly died 9.8.14
Jeff Bamlett resigned.
We gained 4 new Members:
Jack Candlin, Keith Burton, Mike Irving and Keith Bell
We currently have 54 Members
The most important element for the future of the Club is Membership. Given that our Club is directed at retired men, inevitably we need new Members coming in. We can all take a little responsibility and invite colleagues, friends or family members to join the Club. Membership Application Forms are on
the website or hardcopies can be given out.
Please continue to promote the Club.
4.09 Website. stokesleyprobus.org
Our Website is highly valued thanks to the brilliant efforts of Stefan Barnes.
-All Agendas, Meetings and Minutes are posted on the Website
-Events, Dates and Venues are posted
-Additional information about our Club and the District is provided, adding interest to the site
-Historical information is posted eg the new entry ‘looking back’ based on Robert Wigin’s record
-Photographic support adds life and colour
-There are many Links created to provide easy-to-find information
-Your comments about the life of the Club are helpful in letting the Committee know what to plan that would carry membership support.
-So, there is a ‘Contact Us’ Link on the Website. If you have any ideas about how we might improve the practices and activities of the Club then please let us know. You could also do this by telephoning, emailing or just talking to any Committee Member.
-Please visit the website and enjoy browsing.
4.10 Communication.
Our emailing system is well-used and very effective. We send out Agendas, Minutes and information about Trips, Member Lunches and Christmas.
We receive emails with queries and comments so we are able to keep everyone well-informed very quickly. It’s a very efficient process with 42 Members online. We still retain, of course, verbal communication routes and hardcopies of information for Members
4.11 Miscellaneous.
(a) The Chairman attended the Stokesley Town Hall Management Committee Meetings as the Probus representative from 10.6.13 to 7.7.14 when he resigned. Meetings gave priority to the usage and
maintenance of the Town Hall. Important, but not directly relevant to Probus and he had other pressures. No replacement Representative.
(b) Peter Robinson married Sylvia 1.8.14
(c) Chris ‘Still Here’ Stirk was 90 22.7.14
(d) Six Members followed up the March 2014 NYCC ‘Older Driver Refresher’ talk with a free Driving Assessment
(e) Alan Crosskill’s Millennium photo is now on the website
(f) Robert Wigin’s Club record 1986 to 2001 is on the website
4.12 Looking forward …..
-We have reviewed and updated the Constitution for 2015
-The Club continues to show vitality, offering an enjoyable service to its membership
-The Committee has planned the next programme with due regard for the cost effectiveness of activities.
-The next two Member Lunches are Wed. 30th Sept. 2015 and Wed. 6th April 2016; venues to be decided
-Proposals for trips or events are welcome. The Committee will consult the membership and plan any approved activities. The next Trips are to York and the Grand Opera House Theatre to see Anything
Goes on Wed. 3rd June 2015 and to the Black Sheep Brewery in Masham followed by Ripon Cathedral on Wed. 5th Aug.
-David Middleton has booked Christmas Lunch for Tues. 15th Dec. 2015 at The Wainstones Hotel in Great Broughton
-Dick Hawkins’ Speaker Programme for 2015-2016, which is a central focus of our activities, was distributed in Jan. and Feb.
- Stefan Barnes has posted a Calendar of Events for 2015-2016 on the website
-Hopefully we will be welcoming more new Members
-Thanks to David Middleton the Budget balance is healthy
-The website is an excellent source of information and continues to develop thanks to Stefan Barnes
-So, it looks like being another enterprising year.
4.13 And finally ….
I would like to thank all Members of the Committee for their advice and guidance for me over the past year and the last word is addressed to you, the Members.
Thank you for your support for myself, for the Committee and for both the specific and general, leadership and management of your Club.
Your participation makes the difference.
Thank you.
5. Treasurer & Membership Secretary’s Report
There was a surplus of £329 over the last year. The accounts are self explanatory. The balance of the Tarran Legacy together with the surplus from the trip to the theatre in York will be spent in the current
year. The anticipated surplus for the current year is £160. Keith and David will contact members who have been inactive over the last year to see if they will continue as members. Town Hall costs will increase by 2%. The committee had decided to recommend an increased Annual Subscription of £22.
After discussion, 3 proposals were put to a vote. No Members were in favour of maintaining the current £20, 32 were in favour of £22, and 5 in favour of a £25 Subscription. £22 was therefore Approved for the next year. David requested payment by cheque.
6. Approval of Income and Expenditure Report
The Income and Expenditure Report was unanimously Approved. Geoff Phillips said that the preparation and presentation of the Accounts were excellent.
7. Speaker Finder’s AGM Report
Over the last year there had been a varied programme. 8 of the 11 speakers have requested donations to charity and this is where part of Members’ Subscriptions had been spent. The next year would again see a programme covering a wide range of interests. Several suggestions had already
been made for the following year. Dick said that more would be welcome including contact details before October to allow him time to produce a programme by the end of the year.
8. Website Manager’s Report
Stefan reported that the website had been further developed during the year and had worked well.
9. Secretary’s Report
Peter had updated the Club Constitution and Ethos to formalise the procedure for election and cooption to the Committee. The revised drafts had been circulated and were Approved unanimously.
10. Election of Ordinary Committee Member
Peter had received a Nomination for Election from Keith Bell. There were no others. Keith was elected unanimously to serve from 2015 to 2018.
11. AOB
Chris Stirk proposed a Vote of Thanks to the Chairman and the Committee.
Keith noted that Terry Ratcliffe and Derek Whiting will complete their terms of office in 2016, Dick Hawkins in 2017, David Middleton and Stefan Barnes in 2018 and Peter Robinson in 2019. Keith will complete his term as Chairman next year.
Keith had to report the death of Alf Strother, who had lived in Great Ayton. After a career as a Teacher, he had been a Committee Member, Vice Chairman and Chairman.
The fun draw was a set of cards showing brief details of the Monarchs, to mark the Meeting being held on the Queen’s birthday. The winners of the prizes were David Storry and Tim Willis.
12. Date of Next Meeting
The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 19th May. The speaker will be David Hill and his subject will be ‘Commercial Horticulture’.
Approved by ……………………..………Chairman Date……………………..